Run 885

The Sportsman, Stopsley

Monday, 21 July 2008

Hare: FKA Duck


White Rabbit appeared

Somefrog got a deca mug

Forking was covered in fake beer

"OK if The Hare won't sing I'll give you the facts, the facts as I know them.
On the night of the 21st FKA Duck was Lone Hare working the seedy side of Stopsley.
But he came mob-handed with Sue, Laura and a tough looking Newee called Nick,
And a couple of mutts - yeah, that's it, they had dogs with them.
It was a pub we hadn't used before and with no real beer.
Must be a money laundrin' racket.
The West Beds boycott had ended that night - there were quite a few hashers there.
Scoobie must have known something, he turned up in the armoured ambulance.
PP travelled with him but not Lady Pee: never again she said.
Somefrog and Frogspawn brought a mutt too, just for protection they said.
They also said it was their last run with H5, but noone believed them.
Shagpile was wearing shades: I thought that was strange but said nothing.
He was on the waggon but not driving: something was wrong.
White Rabbit appeared for the first time since she took a tumble going for Pussies.
She'd had a tough time but everyone knew she'd make it.
Thongo and Gorjoyce arrived together again: nobody said a word.
Next FKA Duck sprinkled the white stuff on the ground.
Still there was silence: he had nothing to say.
Then they all ran off: in different directions, between the houses, scaring the locals.
Until we were all together again: in open country looking down on Luton.
I swear to Gawd, that's what happened.
Believe me: even if you couldn't believe a word The Hare said.
Thongo was nervous and said he had never been there before.
Nik-Nak went down as if shot but she was OK: no-one was tooled up.
And it went on like that: there were hills and fields and it was ..... peaceful.
The whole thing was wierd.
It must have lasted 50 minutes and we were back at the pub.
Not a word of lie.
The rest was quite normal.
Thongo used two words where one would do.
Somefrog got a deca mug.
Gorjoyce nearly had a birthday and was given a Newee.
Lady Pee didn't take the Good Crack Award and The Count took the rap.
Ringer was rude to White Rabbit.
Forking was covered in fake beer.
You get the picture.

But ..... this is the funny thing.
There was no shiggy.
Can you explain that?
I'll swear it's the truth.
Not even Scoobie could find shiggy"


and it was ..... peaceful

The Count took the rap .. Ringer was rude

Gorjoyce nearly had a birthday