Run 883

The Carpenters Arms, Harlington

7th July 2008

Hare: Rapid Withdrawal


A small, but intrepid bunch of us met in Harlington and despite downpours earlier in the day, the sun was shining and Private Parts quickly took credit for arranging it so. Unfortunately, the trail had been laid the evening before, but having quickly checked, it had survived, even though we would be following a trail of soggy washed out flour.

Even before we circled up, the dream of RAs everywhere, Forking Dick Chair demonstrated his mathematical skills by announcing that 3 was more than 4. PP duly took note and awarded him a suitable punishment at the end.

The trail set off with Capt F leading the way and, followed by FKA Duck, heading along a footpath past the washed out T. Having been called back and pointed in the right direction it was time to follow the real trail with Shagpile leading the way. What was it about this hash that so many needed a wee-break? First Shagpile, later Donut and then of course, Lady P !

Looping back towards Harlington, the hash crossed the main(ish) road and through the fields. At this point Donut decided to slip on a small bridge across the stream. His claim that he would "run off" his injury was treated with our usual respect. We regrouped at the end of a longish track and it started to rain. Nik-Nak announced to the group that the problem with this weather was whether to have her top up or down!

As we headed towards the woods the heavens opened and it was like running through a power shower, there was some shelter in the trees but by this time we were all drenched. It was Capt F with Lewis Hamilton like wet weather skills who adapted to the conditions and continued to lead the way.

We arrived back at the pub, soggy but happy and were well received by all but the local yokel, who took great exception that we were in his pub and that we had dared to sit on his chair. Lady P smiled sweetly and he got the message and went home.

The circle was called and FKA Duck emerged from the village hall where he had been on the verge of joining the local aerobics club. As hare I was awarded a down down - just a half for me, although I was then forced to drink the other half as well. Lady P was awarded her 150 run and promptly got her kit off - Count Roadkill, should she be allowed out on her own ? I'm not sure that the photos will appear on the web site, but it led me to award her the "Good Crack" award... I vaguely remember Capt F being forced to drink, but that extra half fogged my memory from there on.

So next to Dunstable for the continuing summer tour of South Beds.

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Rapid Withdrawal

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