Run 882

The Wilbury, Letchworth

Monday, 30 June 2008

Hare: Pecker

HASHERS: 21  ANKLE BITERS: 0  APRES: 3 light speed

Capt Fantaaastic.....500 strokes and not sore!

Scooby-Doo - A nasty growth

(The Wurdz, as received from Pecker - photos taken by Some Frog)

The run was short 1 hour & Pecker got drunk on 1 down down. The end!

(Summing up of Down-Downs awarded)

"O" & 1 Birthday also 2 Anniversaries; Cardiac & Tarzan who didn't announce & Flo & Overflow. A 500 award to Cpt Fantastic.

Misdemeanors 1 to me for pointing, bog monster for mud slinging, Gorjoyce & Pussies Galore for something. The ball & chain to Cpt Fantastic for being a nice bloke. See you all soon to maintain my 100% record on haring & hashing. Pecker

Shaggy - Shows a clean pair of heels to bow-legged old Cardiac

Private Parts...showing off his new reading skill

H5 Quartet - first one to smile is gay

Down-Downs Awarded