Run 881

Grantchester, Cambridge

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Hare: Capt Fantaaastic


G-String.....real Down-Down

Dan Dare braves it

Scooper ...HH?

The weather forecast said it was going to be bad - real bad. Despite this the numbers camping this year were up on our recent campaigns. Mekon, Fizzy and Split Blox (plus quite a few unwanted travelling companions). Shagpile & Underlay, Anna Pornokova & Seman Staines, Knobber, Hairy Gussett, Scooper & Muddy Waters, Capt F, Tarzan, WWW, Iron Maiden and Geo made for quite a sociable little gathering Mekon's Welsh cheese was superb, particularly when washed down by some very dubious port provided by Capt F. Great fun was had watching WWW trying to stand up in Shagpile's spring-loaded legs (you will need to ask Shagpile what the hell I am babbling on about). The BBC weather site was unfortunately spot on and in the middle of the night the heavens opened, at least it sounded like a torrential downpour from inside our tents.
The morning was a bit brighter. At least it wasn't still chucking it down. Cardiac rang to find out if the event was still on. Hairy Gussett was also showing signs of concern, but as the saying goes, nothing ventured nothing gained and let's face it it's only water, so what harm can be done. The great news is that 29 stalwart puntaneers eventually decided to brave the conditions. And weren't they the lucky ones, because the one thing that I definitely learned is that the river is particularly stunning on a 'moist' day. Mekon described it perfectly as "ethereal".
The trip up river was pretty uneventful. Stallion & Capt F decided to join forces and their two punts went the whole way in tandem. At one spot Amy thinks she spotted an otter, which surprisingly remained remarkably still despite our attempts to get up real close. Maybe otters and rabbits have something in common when they get startled. Anyway, it sort of reminded me of that old joke - you know the one that goes "what's brown and sticky".
The pace up river was pretty leisurely, but the best news of all was that when we eventually arrived at the picnic spot, everything had already been brought down from the cars (whilst I remember many thanks to Underlay for organising the transport of the goods and chattels from the park-and-ride to the picnic spot). Not having laid the run before hand, might have been a bit of a mistake. It meant that I had to do it whilst everyone else was dnnking and eating, but as I was only intending to lay a very short loop, at least I would not be out for long. Despite this, by the time I got back, most of the main courses were fairly depleted. Still at least there were some pickled onions left over, which had been laced with some of Shagpile's special secret ingredient-X. For anyone who was not there, please ask Shagpile for a sample as I am sure that he would happily provide you with a inexhaustible supply. The GM, eventually calls the circle, and a fairly reluctant group of hashers circle up. Amongst those that decided to decline the run were Tarzan, WWW, Iron Maiden and SAS, Underlay, G-String & Muddy Waters (so consider yourselves named and shamed).
The run was pretty uneventful. At the start Fizzy was seen happily FRB'ing apparently without a care in the world, and obviously unaware that she had somehow slipped away from Dan Dare & Mekon without being noticed, and who by now were frantically searching for her.
The trail was the usual mix of Capt F numbered run-throughs, booby checks and fairly long falsies. At one point of the run the trail split three ways and the hare decides to despatch Smiffo in the direction of the extra-super long false trail (that will teach him to be so fit) and Seaman Staines in the other. At least the delay allowed time for some of the walkers (Flo and Truly Scrumptious), plus Mekon and Dan Dare to catch us up. Did anyone else spot the very attractive dishes that were just visible in the distance? There is a fabulous prize to anyone that can correctly tell me how many there were. Please send your answers with your £5 competition entry fee to my home address.
I am pleased to say that one of our hash traditions was upheld as Private Parts, Knobber, WWW, Scopper, Muddy Waters, Seaman Staines, Matador, Aircon, Dan Dare, Split Blox & Capt F decide to take a swim in the rather bracing river Cam. First person home was Seaman Staines, who quite deservedly was awarded a down-down by the RA for cumming first and in so doing showing up the rest of the hash. Down-downs were also awarded to the hare, for his excellent run (sic), Shagpile for food contamination, Private Parts for swimming with his socks on, Screamer for continuous and excessive use of double entendres, and finally G-String was given the bucket in order to finish off the beer. Many apologies to all those that I missed out, but I am going to stop now as I fancy a glass of wine with Tarzan
On-On to the Run 882 from the Wilbury (Letchworth) and brought to you by Pecker.
Capt F Ps Is anyone else still aching?

Splitblox picks it up quickly

Private Parts...who ate all the crumble?

Screamer .. double entendre punting