Run 876

The Compasses, Greenfield
(Joint with Milton Keynes HHH)

Monday, 19 May 2008

Hares: Ring Peace and Limp

H5: 14  ANKLE BITERS: 2  APRES: 1  MKH3: Quite a few

More flour in the car park....

ScoobieDoodieDoo does his party trick

Nik Nak and the Hash Dzevza

Always good to meet up with MKH3 on common ground, on this occasion an excellent boozer for a fine country course on a chilly evening. For those of us just back from Sarajevo - what a contrast. And to answer the first question first - no, Forking Dickchair did not make it. We await news of why: perhaps the trams don't run to Greenfield...

The hares kicked us off with a glossary of terms (has anyone else noticed this happening a lot recently?) - they told us about a whole load of signs very few (if any?) of which we saw. In fact I think they used more flour in the car park than on the trail. But we all know that ScoobieDoobieDooooo doesn't need flour to find shiggy - he's a human water diviner and was soon up to his waist in lots of off-trail wet stuff - but he didn't find what he was looking for in Pussy Pond.

Pleasant but uneventful run out towards Flitwick and back to Flitton, not marred, as I indicated, by excessive markings. The expected sheep and promised bull both materialised as did Nik Nak who turned up late and ran the trail backwards until she met us half way. Another victory for limited dust.

As usual Ring Peace dominated the circle before yielding to Private Parts who was in receipt of much more heckling than usual but rode it well, stuck to the script and came out with a lot of good down-downs.

Obvious recipients were Scoobie and Nik Nak, who took hers in the dzezva. Capt F claimed to have local knowledge but it let him down. Poor Gorjoyce had to put up with constant barracking for not finishing her sponsored walk (unjustified in her book because she had to escort a lame walker back to base). Lady Pee and The Count combined to get stoned from Sarajevo. And the GM .... no, I can't remember where Donut went wrong.

On On to The Greyhound at Haynes - 16:00 on Bank Holiday Monday

The Scribe

Something of a contrast to Sarajevo

The RA sticks to the script

Gorjoyce couldn't finish