Run 875A

Kojak's Gaff, Sarajevo
(Joint with Sarajevo HHH)

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Hares: Kojak & Allnighter

H5: 14  SH3: About the same

Hash warm-up - just before FDC went in

Lady P with award

FDC celebrates post award

FOREPLAY: we arrived in BiH four days before the Hash and spent our time on a tour of Sarajevo, an evening out with our host hash, lunch at the source of the River Bosna, a visit to The Tunnel (famous for helping the city survive the war years 1992 to 1995), a long journey to the equally famous bridge in Mostar, a day of white water rafting (yes Forking did fall in), countless (in one sense) beers with The GM in Pigeon Square, and meeting many of Lady Pee's friends. All from our base in the old area of the City not 100 yards from the spot where Franz Ferdinand was shot in June 1914 to kick off WW1.

THE ACTION: the day of the Hash was started with a seriously amusing bungyjump by Travelling Stan (denied the feat in Mostar by movie filming) from the historic Latinska Cuprija Bridge. Funny not just because of the expression on Stan's face as he hit the River Milijacka but more the looks on the faces of the local bystanders. A quick beer to celebrate the jump then a steep walk to Kojak and Allnighter's Gaff (there should have been a hill clue here) where the hares made us very welcome and gave us a verbal rundown of local hash terms There was a walking route - chosen by the lame Shagpile plus a number which grew as the hash wore on - but this did not seem to cut out much. It turned out to be a fantastic - if long and hilly - tour of the City pulling in some super viewing points and a beer stop at Sarajevska Pivara (the local brewery) where the first drink was an admittedly much needed water - prompting the obvious but uncalled for comment that SH3 couldn't run a beer stop in a brewery. Fortunately we soon stumbled across the On Inn or whatever SH3 call it.

THE CLIMAX: back in the hares' courtyard the beers were soon out and we were straight into the circle without so much as the chance of a rub-down with an Eager Beaver. Kojak promised a short circle of only nine rounds of down-downs in view of the Gala evening ahead. The fact that each round involved at least 10 hashers in the circle made his promise somewhat hollow.
After adapting to local customs and a few beers Donut and Private "Mrs Forking" Parts rose to the occasion and various sinners were brought to book in H5 fashion (Overflo never came to terms with the SH3 format of saying "I would like to violate Sljivobitch ...." while aiming an elbow at an extremely comely young lady) A recurrent name throughout 'Violations" was Forking Dickchair who thoroughly deserved and enjoyed every drop.
Returnee Lady Pee was obliged to bring gifts for the local hash - what else but Jelly Willies, Jelly Boobs and Saucy Charades (this last road tested by us the previous night) all appreciated by SH3 as were the red shirts. PP came up with the name for a local newee and the British Embassy representative will henceforth be Tonsular Assistant (his wife will be Diplomatic WAG but that naming had to wait until the evening). The beer turned to honey liqueur and sljivovica, the songs which started bawdy got bawdier we introduced our new drinking vessel (a dzezva) and before we knew it... it was all over.

AFTERGLOW: managing to raise our game for the Gala Evening was a tough one but we made a reasonable fist of it and even scooped two awards. Lady Pee picked up Anal Arranger of the Year, and the irrepressible Forking was Visiting Hasher Most Epitomising The Spirit Of SH3 -I may have that wrong but you get the drift. He proved what a perceptive choice he was by pinching one of Kojak's cigar and spending the night on the piste with his hosts, arriving back at his room at 6 am thanks to following the tram lines home. Many hours after the rest of us had gone all WI despite the best efforts of Donut.

Florence, Overflo, Donut, Ward 10, Shagpile, Underlay, Nik Nak, Pussies Galore, Squat & Drop, Private Parts, Travelling Stan, FDC and yours truly would all like to thank Lady Pee for an absolutely inspired, thoroughly well organised and totally enjoyable trip.

ON ON ..... Count Roadkill, with apologies for the unpronounceable wurdz

Hash flash opportunity 1

Hash flash opportunity 2

Sljivobitch with the ever popular Jelly Willy