Run 875

The Millstream, Hitchin

Monday, 12 May 2008

Hares: Gorgoyce & The Count

HASHERS: Quite a few considering

What a fantastic run - even Pongo would have been delighted with it had he been there. Expertly crafted in the warm North Hertfordshire sunshine by the very same hares as last week's classic, nearly solo run and not at all bored by it were they. Not at all.

Donut was there and Private Parts ran through some water and Shagpile refused a numbered check. All pretty predictable really.

And the beer stop was a delight - just what we needed.

OK, hands up time. I am on the Sarajevo jaunt just a few hours after the run and can't be arsed to do the Wurdz post event so I've done them before.

See you in Bosnia?

Count Roadkill .... for Beerstop Queen Gorjoyce