Run 874

The North Star, Mardley Heath

Monday, 5 May 2008

Hares: The Count and Gorjoyce


Rapid...100% record

Lady Pee....silly zooming

Yes you read that right.
I suppose there is a reason, 2 hashs in 2 days, and it's not the lowest ever - Underlay says she has known as few as 4 on a gawd-awful day in Reed many a year ago.

So what did they miss, the massed ranks of H5ers sat at home in front of the BarB?

Well, as it goes, a pretty super if uneventful (what did you expect?) run, bang on the hour, through some lovely woods and in smashing spring weather. Yes we ... the few ... enjoyed a great afternoon of exercise in the English countryside at it's best.

Leaving the pub, up the hill, we negotiated a somewhat affluent housing estate and Rapid Withdrawal came into his own as we climbed to Mardley Heath. Some sneaky haring was required to edge him into a falsie and give Forking Dickchair the chance to lead the small but perfectly formed pack towards Woolmer Green.

Numbered checks were potentially an issue although the hares had foreseen this and capped them at 4. Rapid made it easier by being two of the four. The other prob was in Harmergreen Wood where Mrs Forking would have loved the bluebells. There the Ladies Check relied somewhat on Lady Pee to get it right first time. When she didn't Donut had to pull his t-shirt down to his knees and use a high-pitched voice.

Shagpile and Underlay poled up after the event claiming to have cycled from Potton. Our innocent acceptance of this drew a full confession - they had driven down and cycled round the corner - although they didn't stick around to accept their punishment. Despite this the assistant RA achieved the rare distinction of awarding down-downs to everyone other than himself. Not a difficult task on this occasion but done with customary style by Rapid who nabbed Forking (silly false trail running), Lady P (silly camera zooming) and Donut (silly Front Running Ladyism).

On On to THE MILLSTREAM at Hitchin (19:30 on MONDAY) where we are offering the delights of a beer stop on the eve of Project Sarajevo.

Count Roadkill and Gorjoyce

Mrs Forking would have loved the bluebells

Donut ..female impersonator??