White Rabbit was due to hare 870 but was involved in a car accident a few days before: as shown here, despite obvious discomfort she still turned up at the hash, had a laugh with us and made sure we were well fed.

It transpires she fractured her neck in that accident and is currently in Princes Ward of The QE2 hospital in Welwyn Garden City (due to be moved to the Royal Free hospital in Hampstead shortly). We wish our "Most-Run Hasher" the speediest of recoveries and look forward to seeing her back in the circle very soon.

Scribe, 24/4/08

Run 871

The George IV, Baldock

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Hares: Airscrew & Donut


"Lost yer dragon mate?"...

..."I left her around here somewhere"

Knobber, back with Marathon yarns

After miserable weather numbers could have been thin on the ground, but 21 made the circle at the George IV where watching Nik Nak park was the highlight, taking over the mantle from White Rabbit and covering two spaces. Trulli being off sick meant only one Hare, but as always a map was prep'd and Donut stepped in. There was also a good turn out for St George's Day; with a mixture of Red and White, plus a little Australian....In the circle, the hash were told that they crossed London Road twice, once as we left the pub and again over a pedestrian crossing: but which one Flo?

The pack duly set off across London Road, towards Baldock town. The Count quickly found the false off the first check and so the pack proceeded straight on to a check where Capt F called on. but went past the T, before being called back. The next check was for the ladies and Flo upon seeing a pedestrian crossing chose to check it out even though there was no trail....she was called back as this wasn't The Crossing.

Racing ahead were Hairy Gusset and Mekon, asked at the next check how they got there so fast - local knowledge was the reply. A "4 to the back' check was ignored....and so it was into the field led by Capt F. This left the Hare puzzled as he hadn't laid any trail in the field, what was he following? The pack was called back and made their way up Willian Road to a bar. OverWallahflo then led the pack up a footpath and into fields. The trail took the pack to the edge of the A1, but not before a 6 to the back caught the front runners, realising that 6 hadn't caught enough, a 2 and a 1 were hastily laid. The 1 caught Rapid Withdrawal - who vowed to get the Hare back one day...

After a rest at a held check, the pack followed a false before the real trail took them to a veterans' check. Pongo and Dead Meat ambled off down the track, but the pack chose to run the other way, which was a shame as that led to two false trails. The pack caught up Dead Meat and Pongo, before running into a bar. It was then down dog sh*t alley to an 'Whole Pack to the Back' marker. At the end of the alley, a ladies check greeted the pack. Flo said she always ran the false so started her way up Weston Way and funnily enough a T greeted her. The pack was then led into the estate, where Flo and Nik Nak, realising they had reached an H check as front runners

[Line(s) missing: Archive Ed]

hand side of the road, but that led them to a bar.... on the real route the FRBs were caught with a '6 to the back' once they reached the brow of a hill.
The pack then entered the maze of paths at the top of Weston Hill With multiple Ts and Bars up a steep climb a bench to rest weary legs was solace for some. Then Giblets did the honours and ran an obvious false, straight up the hill; the pack not so patriotic went the other way and, smelling beer, found the real route through the woods. Mekon chose to run her own route but caught up at V check in the car park. The pack together it was across the road and through the trees to a maze of paths. Giblets called the On Inn and, as trees thinned, the pub appeared. Past the pony and over the barbed wire before entering the Beer Garden via a small gate (of which more later).

Down-downs for The Hares - Airscrew and Donut. The RA, Rapid, took exception to Airscrew bragging that "the first one of the morning is always perfect, it goes downhill from there" (referring to circular check signs of course), to Nik Nak - who didn't bring the balls with her or stay for the circle (her day will come) and to Wallah for failing to kill a pigeon as well as being Australian so near to St George's Day. Giblets had a drink for his 47th Birthday and another for crossing the watchful RA. And of course Pongo and Dead Meat for the 'effort' in opening and closing the Beer Garden gate.

A special down down was given to Knobber for completing the London Marathon.

On On to the Engineers Arms at Henlow
Airscrew and Donut

Wallah doesn't get the hang of this St George thing

A shy pair of Held-Check Virgins

RA has that Gotcha look