Run 869

The Stag, Stotfold

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Hares: Knobber & Hairy Gussett


Aaah the ducklings ....

.... respect the horses ...

... and beware the petrol

As the weather forecast is always wrong, the Hares took no notice about the prospect of snow, and laid the trail using white flour. So they were slightly concerned when the trail was camouflaged by a thick white covering the next day, but in reality it didn't matter as hardly anyone turned up probably because of the snow.

But, as the snow disappeared, slowly as the temperature rose, and quickly as SAS and Bowser threw it at each other, the trail was revealed again. However, this didn't bring out any more Hashers, so off we went with the limited numbers. Scooper found the first false trail and on the way came across Martin, the small stray cat that adopts anyone who will accommodate him. We were hoping that he would join us and make up the numbers, but he disappeared on a falsie of his own underneath a fence.

The trail was heading through the streets and along alleys down to the mills, common and riverside, as usual for a Stotfold run, but as the pack reached the Chequers the trail took a turn back southwards, past the dreadful new houses and up to New Bridge on Baldock Road. The pack dwelled there while it gathered and passed the time looking at the big fishes in the river. Airscrew found the trail through the woods, over the bypass and over the field to a 5 to the back check. Then off through more woodland and through a horse field to a check where SAS, Scrummy and Airscrew ran up the hill to find a bar at the top and a T in the farmyard on the way back. Meanwhile, the rest of the pack had gone down the hill to the duck pond to see the ducklings and be hissed at by the swans.

From there, the pack ran on its instincts and followed the "Footpath to Stotfold" sign, through the farm and into more woodland before splitting with Five Baah and Airscrew heading for home, several taking a route in the wrong direction, and the knitting circle/creche slowly heading up the marked trail with the back Hare. After Knobber had put the pack back on the right trail, a quick count by the Quick Count determined that the pack was 3 down, being Airscrew and Five Baah having gone ahead (but both failed to return from the 7 to the back check), and Lady Pee, who had disappeared into the undergrowth for a minute.

Back up the track to the underpass, where we did not see Wendy this time (should have remembered that she wanted to run with us next time), and then a cut round the back of the High Street to the On Inn and the pub. As some couldn't stay for the circle, it became an octagon and looked strange when there were four in the middle for misdemeanors such as stroking pussies (sex on the Hash).

So a nice quiet, social run through snowy countryside and taking in plenty of wildlife before returning to a decent boozer with 4 good real ales on tap and a couple of cracking jokes from the GM. And not a dog turd in sight all the way.

ON ON to Offley ......... or The London Marathon for Knobber

Snow fun for SAS ......

... when Bowser and RA take revenge

Scrummy Dumps behind Airscrew