Run 868

Capt F's Gaff, Shefford

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Hare: Captain Fantaaaaastic

HASHERS: 33 total

Preparing the invasion of Shefford

He marched them UP

Flo, coming from a different direction

Now, the colour co-ordinated WI Hash

What a fabulous day and what a fabulous week. On Saturday morning I woke up in Grassington (Yorkshire Dales). Jayne [I assume that was Tarzan, what do you think RA? ... Ed] and I had breakfast and then visited the local butchers shop to purchase a selection of their best sausages, including "Sage and Onion", "Ginger & Plum", and "Lamb & Garlic". We got home reasonably early, but in the event I did not fancy laying the run after the journey home. As the clocks went forward overnight I knew it was going to be an obscenely early start the next day but hey ho!

Up at seven (six in old money) and I was raring to go. It must have been too early for anyone else as the town was deserted. What a cracking morning though. I could tell it was going to be a great day even at that time. The run was laid without any problems and there was just time for a good old cuppa before Ringer arrived. The fact that it took two and a half hours to lay should have perhaps told me that it was slightly overcooked.

Another great stir is caused when Frogspawn and SomeFrog are spied sprinting down Ampthill Road as if they are being chased by the Taliban hordes. Donut calls the circle and apparently there are no birthdays or anniversaries. Then again perhaps there was as it transpired that Count Roadkill is apparently celebrating some sort of mystery solo anniversary.

The on is called and the pack sets off up Ampthill Road. A bar-check at the top of the road and the pack eventually finds the small foot-path past the cemetery. Emerging at the end of the lane it's a ladies check. Underlay was first there by a mile and in fact had disappeared by the time the second lady had turned up. Nik-Nak sets off down the underpass only to stumble across Underlay hiding around the comer muttering something about just making sure?

Walnut Whip Willy, Scooper and SomeFrog all manage to run through the next bar-check and have to be called back. A quick loop around the back-streets and then again via Somerfield allows the group to reform by the church. Resuming, the group pass the old scout hut and along the banks of the River Flit to re-emerge opposite the White Swan. Florence is seen coming from a completely different direction asking how all the rest of us had managed to get there (I think it's called following a trail).

So as to not over-spin this, wind forward a few mins to the bottom of Cockshoot Hill and its on -UP UP UP. A whole series of numbered running checks were laid all the way up the hill in order to keep the group roughly together. The top of Cockshoot hill is my favourite place around Shefford so naturally enough there was a P(anoramic) check at the top.

Setting off again, it was approximately at the furthest point away from home that SomeGrog [seems as through Capt F might have been at the grog - it's SomeFrog: - Archive Ed.] announces that he and FrogSpawn have to be back by 12 at the latest. Unfortunately this did not seem very plausible, so they were sent back on their way with a set of vague instructions (hope you made it in time). The descent was not much better than the ascent with yet more running checks. Sorry guys, but it's the only tactic that I figured would work.

Across the road and through the farm the pack has now spread out, which is awkward for a solo hare. The decision was taken to drop back a bit and allow the FRBs to sort themselves out. Instructions were given to the knitting circle and it was off again. No events on the run in, but apparently and despite the excellent instructions, White Rabbit and Pussies Galore manage somehow to get lost.

The aprés was fantastic. Tarzan has done wonders with the bangers and mash. The Village Bike from Potton Breweries was top notch and the weather, if anything, was even better. Eventually the circle was called and down-downs were awarded to Walnut Whip Willy and Scooper for being overly merry (or was the word gay?), Capt F for not remembering to run with the hashit (point of order it wasn't mine as I only had it for the purpose of putting the esteemed RA's name on it), Count Roadkill for a dubious/disputed anniversary run. I also remember Pecker getting one for something or other and true to form his down-down was dispatched down his gullet at incredible speed. Sorry for all the others that I know I have missed but in future I will endeavour to do better.

Love to you all. We really enjoyed ourselves and I hope you all did too. Shagpile most definitely seemed to. Please note that the next SEXy hash will be the first summer solstice run on a date TBD, but presumably close to 21st June.

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Stopping for a P

The Sun brought out the ankle biters

RA addresses his congregation

Fantaaastic day for The Capt, surrounded by his friends