Run 867

Rowney Warren

Monday, 24 March 2008

Hares: Shagpile & Underlay


Lady Pee & Madge looking for a wood nymph

Gorjoyce gets mulled

RA awards down down to ... er ... oh, me

[Line(s) missing: Archive Ed.]

there. The smarter hashers had remembered a good reason to be elsewhere! The RA was seen approaching the circle from the direction of the woods just as a weak shaft of sunlight broke through the clouds. His bring-on-the-sun ritual of p'ssing on a wood nymph had worked. To reinforce this ju-ju. Lady P added her own golden contribution to the occasion.

Ten hashers started (Giblets joined later) and set-off in the direction indicated by we hares. Lady P, an early FRB was swiftly overtaken by her better half, Count Roadkill who found the first check. A cunning reversal of direction had the pack foxed for a while until Bangers 'n Madge found the right route.

It was obvious that Airscrew had either been sniffing the Nandrolone or had an appointment to keep. FRB or what! The back of his neck was what we saw most of the time! Anyhow, a sneaky six-falsie check slowed things down for a while and caused multiple crossings of a decent patch of shiggy (Tee Hee sniggers I!). Donut eventually sussed out the way to go but was overtaken but the turbo-powered Airscrew.

The road had to be crossed for the later stage of the run, and now the landscaped changed to denuded forest. The lumberjack's chippy-choppy, drag the logs machines had chewed the ground up nicely and left some ace shiggy. Gorjoyce managed to tip-toe through some, checking out a ladies check and was first to arrive at the ultimate check. This was a reversal of the six-way check used earlier as no false trails had been laid. Gullible hashers happily wandered some distance away looking for dust (didn't you Forking Dickchair, Donut and CRK!) until Lady P found the little red footprints leading up the hill.

With the car park in sight, many of the pack expected more to come, but on hearing Private Parts call out 'ON INN' they happily accepted that the excitement was over for this run.

It has taken me longer to write these Wurdz than it took Underlay and me to lay the 2.20 miles of the run, but hey-ho! SHRAB* I say!!

ONON to the next one - Shagpile

*SHort Runs Are Best

"No Shiggy Shagpile" lies again

The whole hash less flash

Obviously, all four, guilty as charged