Run 866

Wheatsheaf, Tempsford

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Hares: Donut & Airscrew


Lesson 1: Laying a trail in snow

Lesson 2: Front haring in snow

Lesson 3: Canine down downs

Snowing ... must be Christmas, no wait it's Easter!! After the diverse weather conditions on Saturday, the blanket of snow on Sunday morning was quite a shock, but duty called and out of the house and on on to Tempsford it was. Donut hastily added food colouring to the flour and once we had filled the bottles we headed out with wind and snow in our faces. There weren't too many dramas laying the run, only Donut loosing feeling in his right foot... but as a true hasher soldiered on

We arrived back to the pub in good time and as it grew closer to 11 am, the lack of hounds did look like it was going to be a poor showing, but who could blame them, it was freezing Then cars started to appear and we were a small circle of 10 (including hares), oh and Madge.

The On sent the pack on multiple false trails, before it correctly ran through the Millennium garden and out towards our friendly farmer's footpath - the trail lead away from his farm and towards the Anchor Pub on the A1. False trails over the foot bridge brought the pack back and around the rear of the Anchor. Note, Giblets needs to Hash more; he asked Airscrew, "If it’s a false (T) then we run back to the last check, yes?"

After crossing the river and stream, the pack reached a Ladies check. Underlay took the pack on a long false trail before returning to the real route. The open fields meant no cover from the bitter wind, but by now most of the Hash was sufficiently warmed up. I think it's the most wrapped up pack we'd ever seen, some with 3 or 4 layers

At the first Held check the pack were taken in various directions before a long run into Roxton. The 5 to the back check (5 did seem optimistic, but we laid it anyway) caught the FRBs, but they didn't have far to run, the pack being 8 in all.

The trail then started to head back towards the river with several checks along the road to keep the pack together. Shagpile shouted we are back at the pub, then realised it was the Anchor a little further to go yet. The long stretch by the river was littered with 4 sets of '2 to the back'. This was very effective and meant the pack was completely together when arriving at Roxton Lock.

After admiring the fast flowing Weir, the pack led by Shagpile, ran along Ouse Valley Way, before reaching the false trail marker. The pack turned back and it was over the Weir towards our favourite Farmer and his pungent cows. A slow walk through his farm yard and it was On Inn. There was no moaning from him today, but he did come out to make sure we closed his gate. . .and looked his cheerful self as always

Downs downs went to the Hares, Donut and Airscrew, and to Giblets (who managed to chuck surplus froth over his shoulder into the GM's eye), Bangers and Lady P for sex on the hash. And to Madge for her birthday.

On on to Rowney Warren Woods ... tomorrow

Popping in to see our favourite farmer

The whole hash less flash

Sex on the hash with a dog