Run 865

Tudor Oaks, Astwick

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Hares: Shagpile & Underlay


Birthday boys Scooper and Knobber

Scooper joins Wallah in B4

What a difference a day makes! We laid the trail in glorious sunshine, but come Sunday it was a tropical downpour with arctic temperatures. A mad rush to cycle round and re-lay the trail before the 11:00 on-off meant that I was frozen and wet for about 3 hours.

Anyhow, a small bunch of Hfivers, many looking hung-over, gathered at the Tudor Oaks ready for a swift run round the splendid Stotfold countryside. The promise of 'there is no shiggy' turned out to be a slight untruth (1 know I will burn in hell for it), but the assurance of an abundance of flora and forna was kept. No one could fail to spot many items of plasticus bottalis and plasticus carrierbagis that could be seen all around he area, and even the occasional threadbaris carpetus was in evidence. It goes without saying that there was plenty of krapparius canis to catch the unwary.

No real sins were committed on the run (except I suppose that front haring on a mountain bike is a bit naughty) and it was good to get back into the comparative warmth of the pub. That didn't last long as the GM called the circle to be held in the adjacent wind tunnel. The RA keenly remembered the previous evening's speech given by Capt Fantaaastic and awarded him a down-down for giving us all a history lesson by identifying events pre and post Ann Summers! There were of course other down-downs given, but two days have passed I cannot possibly remember them now. Oh and BTW, I'm still waiting for the beer Knobber!


Screamer has a headache again

"Watch the horses .. there's no shiggy" Hares