Run 859

Tumeric, Houghton Regis

Monday, 11 February 2008
For Gispert

Hares: Rapid Withdrawal & Forking Dickchair


RA checks every hasher has a down-down

A reader writes "Has anyone else noticed the striking resemblance between Alberto Esteban Ignacio Gispert, hash name G (his surname is pronounced with a Ja as in juice) and our own Private Parts?Are they by any happenchance related? I think we should be told."

Private Parts


[Line(s) missing: Archive Ed]

residential direction until after exhausting all false trails the pack emerged on the green. The Edwardian building lurking in the shadows was the seat of the Brandreths in their time when they ran a more Hounds orientated kind of hunt as the pack passed through the kitchen orchard of the said pile, passing the back of the stables and the dog kennels. This was where a mystifying hash symbol was encountered, and as Underlay was the only female present it cannot be assumed that she possesses a third breast but a three nipple lady check was the order of the day. Silhouetted with stars was a stunning Lebanese Cedar, but the pack blindly led by Shagpile's flashing Christmas lights went in search of the luminous powder well visible to the trained eye, of the hare mainly. A prominent climb was encountered on the north face of Dog Kennel Hill; normally a sedate walk between Houghton and Dunstable but for the purpose of the trail was a one in three climb to some light industries. Underlay then took off in a quest to find a bar that was hidden, but was eventually retrieved to a 'Stage Door' check which was another photo opportunity' missed in the darkness, mainly due to the absence of the Hash Flash. A brief beer stop at Forking Dickchair's pad was enjoyed by all, other than Donut who spilled enough beer to de-slug the entire driveway. Five Baah took on FRB duties on the slog up to a re-crossing of a disused railway line that once had all stops from Welwyn Garden City to Leighton Buzzard, but like backmarker Private Parts, was showing the neglect of years of ruin. From here it was all downhill, which was a relief to Captain Faaaantastic and Count Roadkill to lead the pack back through a football pitch and a graveyard although Luton Town F.C. have no connections with this route. A brief circle was held where Jock Gispert was well remembered as the whole pack took an inward step for their many misdemeanours in the run and Rapid Withdrawal had the pleasure of picking up the bill for an enjoyable curry at the Turmeric restaurant.


Gispert remembered over a curry

Forking's pad complete with beer, deckchair and matching shorts