Run 858

Polhill Arms, Renhold

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Hares: Airscrew & Donut


What did you think of that Pongo?

Gorjoyce in full flo

I usually have a go at hares who don't write Wurdz but I'll make an exception with these two. Airscrew says it's Donut's turn and I've a feeling he is right. But let's look at the Donut's record over the last few months. As well as organising just about every major event we have he has hared 4 of the last 8 runs. And with his trusty medical assistant he is at every hash. So on this occasion only, well done the man who hasn't done the Wurdz - thank you GM.

That's enough toadying, back to run 858, the antidote to run 857. Having checked out the aggressive dogs, caravans in the car park and St George's flag flying high, this resident of leafy Knebworth felt more cosy in The Fox than The Polhill. And one of the punters was wearing a dress: what's that all about? But having thought about it a bit more this could well be the archetypal H5 boozer.

The hares took us south west towards Bedford over fine country many of us had not seen before. The weather was exceptionally good after a cold night and the solid ground had given way to shiggy wherever the sun had reached it. There was even some undulation, rare at this end of Bedfordshire, so a fine run in good conditions The only sad bit was the paucity of couples to make the Valentine's check in what was otherwise a small but perfectly formed hash.

Small but for the heavy mob from Milton Keynes. Perfectly formed but for Ring Peace and Utter Buttucks, joined by Tinkerbell and two ankle biters with names which should not appear on a public website. MKH3 had joined us not only to bang on about how only two H5ers went to Nash Hash 07, but to promote Nash Hash 09 which they are to co-host with Edinburgh.

Someone said "if we don't go to MK there's no chance we'll go to Edinburgh" but I'm riot sure that works for me. Full of sweaties it may be, but it's a good place none the less. And they gave G-String an XXXXXL t-shirt so that was nice.

With the RA absent exhausted after finding such wonderful weather (and his assistant absent exhausted after consuming much wonderful limoncello) the HM revealed the "shy and retiring" Ring Peace as secret RA. He immediately launched into Pongo for saying nice things about the run and The Count for saying nasty things about Milton Keynes.

He was more amusing when finding G-String to be athletic but nearly picked a wrong-un with Gorjoyce. However her over the head throw needs some practice and drink landed on the ground just short of MKH3.

Seriously though Ring Peace and pals, good to see you as ever, and other meaningless sycophantic claptrap, and thanks for the injection of life.


On to a Held Check

G-String, athletic