Run 856

The Angel, Toddington

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Hare: Rapid Withdrawal


Laura, engaged to what we know not

Scrummy, biscuits with sun

Hash diary

On a most pleasant spring like day the HASH hit Toddington and started in the same fashion as most - White Rabbit struggled with parking her car and even managed to get her keys stuck in the ignition. Count Roadkill and Lady P had a domestic over who had brought which camera and having resolved the dispute without any blood being shed, the HASH was called to order by Donut. Scrummy eagerly informed the circle that Laura had just got engaged (but not to Scrummy I have been asked to point out).

The trail headed towards the Church and down Conger Lane and after a couple of false trails and some out of character complaints from Donut, headed across the field past the ancient Motte and Bailey (no Bryant homes here, yet). Past another check which caught everybody out. before the trail continued downhill to where there was a bar yesterday. With Ringer heading off towards Luton, the hare surreptitiously laid the bar and called the FRBs back. Donut led the pack and the path journeyed down to the road, past a pair of llamas and swung left onto the motorway service area access road.

Having found the right path, the pack meandered towards the main road and crossed into another field. Overflow was introduced to a pigeon (but only for a brief period of time). I just hope that none of us break a leg on the Hash. Having spent much of the trail descending, it was now time to head up towards the village. At this point if Pongo was there he surely would have uttered "It's all uphill from here...". The route up saw a number of hashers sent to the back, most notably Capt F, who I know always enjoys a little extra. Reaching the road again, after a couple more false trails it was time to return to the pub for a drink or two.

The big question is how can we take RA Private Parts, seriously from now on ? Not only did he set his running shoes on fire before heading to the hash ("I was only trying to dry them.."), but he also admitted to it. However, he was on form, albeit by proxy, having appointed Capt F as secret RA. This being the same Capt F who was overheard trying to entice small boys to his car with some tempting "Cake". After some demonstrations of bottom smacking and having devoured a small mountain of home baked biscuits supplied by Mrs RW, it was time to depart Toddington and prepare for next week's Hash courtesy of Count Roadkill

ON ON or Fire Fire if PP has anything to do with it.

Hashit: Private Parts

Lovely day, beautiful countryside

Check hovering

RA awards himself hashit for shoe fire