Run 855

The Chequers, Stotfold

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Hares: Hairy Gussett & Knobber


RA berates Splitblox yet again

Shaggy does 250 runs

On the Saturday we didn't hang around laying the run because it was pouring with rain. It was so wet that the flour was congealing in the neck of the bottles and what was going down just floated off. As a result, the run wasn't quite as long as it might otherwise have been. Next day it turned out it wasn't raining, but having shared a curry and with the Fantaaaaaaaastics and with the Captain Advocating Advocaat late the night before, we'd forgotten where we'd put any flour down. As the trail had come up a bit short, we had to pad it put a bit, but we don't think anyone noticed.

The first part of the trail was on tarmac and led down to Stotfold Green. From there, out towards Astwick before cutting back across Riverside and into what was left of the shiggy. The pack then wandered about aimlessly in the dustless void, eventually finding the trail which Monster Munch had originally pursued but was deviated from by some devious haring. Then over to Bowmans Mill and a loop into the awful new housing estate that sits on what used to be a riverside meadow full of farmyard animals, and stares into the privacy of decent houses that used to sit on the outskirts of the village and represented a part of what made Stotfold an attractive place to live. And what's worse is that the arse licking developers have named the matrix of streets between which the spectacularly unimaginative architecture is crammed after members of the royal family. As if they're going to get a K out of it.

Anyway, after some creative haring the pack eventually emerged and it was ON INN to the pub, which against the current rub of the town seems to have new management that actually improve something in the area. Top boozer now, and they do BOGOF steaks on Wednesdays, which you cook yourself on a hot stone and is brilliant.

In the circle, Rapid Withdrawal celebrated his birthday and newies Gary, Elizabeth and Tone drank in the atmosphere. Forking Dickchair took up residence in the middle with Splitblox for various misdemeanors. Donut joined them, and reciprocated to PP, who had also given further down downs to Lady P, Muddy Waters, Monster Munch, the Hares and Capn Fantaaastic and Tarzan. The hashit appeared from the Fantaaaaaastic chariot, but was immediately returned there for not appearing earlier. A great circle, but where was G-String, Skid Mark, Bell End, and the nice lady that came to the Christmas party with her daughter? And everyone else?

Finally, what do you call the little box behind a satellite dish? It's one of those tacky little Bryant homes on the poxy new housing estate.

On On to Toddington
Knobber and Hairy Gusset

The site of the next Bryant Home development?

Newees take their down-downs