Run No 850

The Bricklayers Arms, Potton

Sunday, 23rd December 2007

Hares: Shagpile & Underlay


Newee Liz

Rapid RA

It would be a bit unfair wouldn't it to expect Shagpile & Underlay to bash out Words after laying on such a super trail, on a smashing day, and then following up by organising a thoroughly enjoyable Xmas lunch? After weeks of covering for an absent Scribe ...

That's right the buggers are too lazy, so I'll tell it like it was and it was good. Pongo would have said a classic winter's hash on a classic winter's day (kindly sent by the absent RA). And well attended too with a festive band of regulars joined by returnees Cardiac and Son and Foghorn and Mutt as well as newee Liz introduced by It's Megmeraldera.

West from the Bricklayers the hash trundled off with the light on top of the Sandy transmitter as it's guiding star and Smiffo it's keenest, wisest King, no doubt with a good supply of myrrh. Before long we gave up on Bethlehem and made a pretty good fist of a sign to Luton's very own saviour, Forking Dickchair.

On to Sandy sandpit which was doing a passable imitation of a Grand Canyon extension (believe me, I've seen 'em both) in the excellent, short-day light. No, seriously, I would prove photographically were it not for a disorderly rabble who gatecrashed the snap.

Taking the hash round the heath and back to Potton on a sort of pan handle, the hares did a great job of keeping the pack together despite a desperate attempt by Capt F to lead a breakaway group nowhere. Nothing new there said someone cruelly.

Down-downs for the hares, for birthday folk Shagpile & Ward 1O and for the returnees and newee, before Rapid Withdrawal was revealed as secret RA. He proceeded to make a vicious and unprovoked attack upon the very character of Her Majesty's Scribe, and his good Lady P, as well as picking on poor vulnerable Smiffo. Good stand-in job Rapid.

It was then On-On to the Rising Sun and some excellent beers to wash down an extremely convivial meal.

And now it's On-On to Dorset.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our readers.

Your Scribe.

What can you say?

Sandy Canyon