Run 848 - we may never know what happened on Sunday 9th December or even where. But that's what happens when the Scribe buggers off for weeks leaving the Words in the hands of [no, seriously Shagpile, thanks for filling in] .... and anyway who cares?

Run 847 - The Three Horeseshoes at Norton

Runners: Not too many - Apres: 2.25 - Mutts: 3.0 - Ankle biters: seemed like loads, but probably only 2 or 3

Pecker's run.

The first in 12 months, no conscience to rain me in. (Now that is funny! It did 'rain' in him, on him and all of us - Ed)

So 2 squares were chosen from the ordnance map and my usual format lay the run the same day.

Weather was good first thing, ground shiggy & damp, scenery picturesque. (Uhhh! Not sure that he was on the same run that I was - it was v. wet and windy - Ed)

Laying the trail took 2 hours walking it, so why did we take 1 hour 30 hoofing it. HM said "we are all getting on in years, so don't expect too much running "Ahh bless! Was he talking about himself? Although when everybody arrived and we all spoke about bad backs, colds, hips, knees etc. I agreed with him. Lots of talking, walking and discussing injuries. You don't know how much I've missed the Hash.

The Hash was laid as a runner's run, with numbered checks, a lady's check and also a M check for warm refreshment & some mincing.

Most of the Greenway route was taken in and we fed the ducks at Radwell pond. We had Mould (sic; it was mulled Pecker.') wine also Minces at Norton Bury. The weather was pissy but we all arrived back safely a little tired and cold so there was lots of drinking, socializing and merriment.

Many misdemeanors so more drinking; Pecker for a good run, 1 newbie, Florence for being there & more, Capt Fantasstic for wanting the dress and the whole group thrown in by the RA making sure he didn't miss anyone.

On till the next time in the New Year. I will try much harder to reach the 1 hour.

ON ON - Pecker