Run 846 - The George & Dragon at Graveley

Runners: Quite a few actually - Apres: Approx 2.45 - Mutts: A whole one - Ankle biters: A satisfactory, None!

G-String's display of weakness

Rapid Withdrawal tries to shake off clinging scarlet fungi

White Rabbit & Pussies Galore Guilty again! But do they remember what for?

Sunday morning dawned cold, but clear and about 20 or so hashers turned up at the George and Dragon. White Rabbit was seen driving right past the pub - turning up again 10 minutes later. The GM gave a demonstration of the effects of too much "W" - we wish him a speedy recovery. In his absence it was Shagpile who called the circle to disorder; this was fast and to the point because there were no birthdays etc.

The pack set off past the pond behind the pub and up the slope. There was check here, and most of the pack fell for the falsie before G-String lead the way up the correct trail. There was a long stretch here, which ended with a check by the A1(M) junction. The FRBs (G-String, Smiffo, Screamer, Rapid Withdrawal) were sent to the back to stop them standing around in the cold while the knitting circle caught up. From here most of the pack watched Screamer check out the falsie before Smiffo and 5-Baah led the way up the correct trail towards Sainsburys. Evidently the pull of the beer and wine section proved too great - almost everyone took the falsie through the underpass towards the shop - it was Rapid Withdrawal who found the right trail across the fields to another held check.

From here there was a pleasant bit of hashing across the fields to the west of Stevenage, with mild shiggy and a ladies' check. From there the faster part of the pack, led initially by Underlay, missed the Ts and ignored the calls of "false trail" from the hare and the whole of the knitting circle! It was Skidmark and Pussies Galore who found the right trail and Gorjoyce who checked out the falsie from the view check. A large number followed the lengthy stretch across the fields, so Capt F and the rest of the pack welcomed the held check that followed.

There was the option of a shortcut from here, which G-String and others took - although Dead Meat chose the option of the full trail which looped around the back of the farm and back to the road. The final leg branched off from the road and Smiffo called the On-Inn exactly on time.

Down-downs were awarded to the hare, before Rapid Withdrawal was revealed as the secret RA. He awarded down-downs to many of the pack white displaying a knowledge of 80s pop trivia that even MLP would have been proud of! Gorjoyce's hat was likened to the style of Jamiroquai, etc. From there most of the hash returned to the warmth of the pub where White Rabbit commenced the list of food items for xmas party attendees.
On-on to next time...