Run No 844

Three Horseshoes, Renhold

Sunday, 11th December 2007

Hares: Airscrew & Shaggy







An early start for Shaggy and Airscrew meant that they were out laying the trail at 8.30 am ready for the 11 am run at The Three Horseshoes in Renold.

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Everybody was eager to get running and complained of the bitter cold that had descended on the Hash, but were soon warmed up by a long false and then a Bar Check, which took the pack into the fields again.

After crossing several fields the pack reached an H5; this was a Held Check and a 5 to the back - Shagpile produced his sick note and was duly left out the group making the way to the back of the pack....

The routed headed south and regrouped at a Ladies' Check. Underlay led the pack on into the field of sheep, which scattered quickly. At the next Check, Shaggy decided to make up random trails across the field, which the pack followed like sheep - he then called 'false' and they all returned to the correct route

On this next leg, Flo was heard to say "I have a warm bum" (from the Sunshine) and Overflow was heard to say "your bum's not worn". Flo then proceeded to try and hold hands with the new RA and Overflow. The RA took this as an ism and duly gave her a Down Down later on in the circle.

At the next Check, Shaggy did his random walking out into an open field, to see how many of the pack would follow him. Most were uninterested until Airscrew laid a arrow pointing in Shaggy's direction, only to kick it out once the trail was called false (a trick learnt from Donut)

Smiffo and Capt F led the pack up the ankle-twisting track, but decided not to follow the trail over the stile and kept straight on to the next Check. They would have found a Bar Check anyway (spoil sports)

With some more random Shaggy manoeuvres around the field the pack headed up to the road. As most people became distraught seeing a Three Horseshoes pub down the road, they were reminded it wasn't the pub but just another identical one in the Village, plus it was only it was On On across the road and towards the woods. At the next check Five Baah, Count Roadkill and Capt F decided to sample Sloe Berries with mixed reactions: Five Baah said they were nice, The Count said they tasted as he expected and Capt F went URGH with a screwed up face (not to his liking then!)

The pack then headed into the woods on the last leg of the run. With Airscrew laying extra blobs for the rear of the pack to follow, it was then quite strange to hear that White Rabbit and Pussies had to phone a Harriet to get directions back the pub.....

The Circle

Donut asked Pongo what he thought of the run and he said "a lovely area, superb run"

The Hares came in to the circle first for their drinks, then Shaggy came in again for hording beer?, joined by Flo for trying to instigate a threesome and My Little Pony for saying why can't we train horses to ride people. And last but not least Penetrator and Airscrew drank a beer 'from' their New Trainers (hmm tasty)

On On to next week's run - The Chequers at Houghton Conquest