Run No 841

Noah's Ark, Shullington

Sunday, 21st October 2007

Hares: Knobber & Capt Fantaastic









Having nanimously decided to lay the rn on the Snday morning, the Hares retrned to the pb with only mintes to spare before circling p for the on on.
After a lengthy explanation abot the variety of contrived range of symbols that formed the trail, the pack set off in varios directions ntil the on was called p towards the Chrch, which sits majestically at the peak of the village. The pack, led at great pace by the Pppies. followed, only to discover a bar, and then that the real trail actally looped back arond the bottom of the peak to come p to meet the same bar! How we all laghed at having to m p the same hill twice from different directions!!
Smiffo charged off down the hill towards a hares choice check, where PP (Pig Pen?) was sent down one trail, and Shaggy down another. The real trail was on corse for pper Gravenhrst, and Nik Nak charged off down it and across the field towards Shillington, which was, of corse, the wrong direction. It was the slim-line Scrmmy Dmps and newies Terry and Jne who fond the dst throgh a prickly bsh and rond the field to the held check at Northend Farm, nderlay was in fact qite right that the trail went across the ploghed field and not rond it and seemed happy to stride across it as her boots accmlated ever more md while the rest of s enjoyed the treasre check searching for Capn F's love hearts and sharing them rond the pack.
The sn shone hotter as the trail went on, and some elected to take the short ct throgh to Bry Road whilst the rest went past the water treatment works and p to the pmping station before Dont led the pack back down towards Shillington, where Big Blose had appeared having arrived late de to the clocks not going back.
Having regroped, the pack covered the rest of the trail across the fields leading back to the pb and was in awe of the clever hares that had sed the first part of the trail as the last part as well. Only a few had noticed the On Inn on the way ot.
Before the circle Some Frog prodced a chocolate galleon that had been heavily damaged by a bombardment of maltezers. and sstained more after the Hash had attacked it frther. White Rabbit set p a cheese and biscit table.
In the circle, the down clowns were led by Scrmmy to show Terry and Jne how it is done. They followed, before Capn F and Tarzan (who had even tally tmed p after carelessly letting Capn F park his chariot in front of her own then letting him leave with his keys so she cold n't get her own ot or se his) and Knobber and Hairy Gssett drank to celebrate their anniversaries, which ran concrrentty (save for the odd hor) 23 years ago.
Then Shagpile annonced himself as the Secret RA, only to be be the down downee of Knobber (the real RA) for revealing himself (as the Secret RA) and so not being secret any more. Despite that, Shagpile confined to berate the rn and chastise the hares with down after down ntil Knobber intervened as down downor to Some Frog for stomping on Madge. Down downee Wallabollox denied having an excessive carbon footprint, and in trn dobbed in Florence for not booking him into a single sex hotel. (What's the point of booking into a hotel if yo only have sex once, anyway?). Shagpile followed for his own excessive carbon footprint, bt in general any reason to repay him for the onslaght he lanched on the hares. And there's next week as well. And after that.
Finally, Smiffo, Dont and Big Blose wold have been down downees for appearing in the words withot actally being on the hash, and Big Blose for being late as well, bt they weren't there.

Interesting thing abot the Noahs Ark - it's fll of fish.
Yes. it's a Carp Ark.

These words have been broght to yo withot the se of the letter"".

On On

Knobber and Captain Fantaaaaaaaastic