Run No 840

Hardwick Hall

Sunday, 14th October 2007

Hare: Donut






SUMMO BOYS........?

Very Clever GM.
I had the audacity to say our beloved leader was not very good with Wurdz.
Not the sort of thing he takes lightly.
His reposte is below.

Donut has delegated me to write some words, so here they are..
Interesting run started promptly at 8:30 !!! and we were back for a big fry up at 9:30 after a circle where I discovered I was the secret RA. So secret even I wasn't told till after the hare had had his down down. Quick rack of the grey cells saw TRULY, WHITE RABBIT and RAPID WITHDRAWL in the middle for not wearing Hash apparel on the run.

Hi Count
Donut has delegated me to do some words for the Hardwick Hall Run!
17 hashers up bright eyed and bushy tailed for an 8.30am run. WARD 10 and MERLOT were persuaded to stay behind and take on the most important job of cooking our breakfast!
Unusual run in so far as it was really a Photo shoot for AIRSCREW'S and PUSSY'S latest magazine venture - Hashers and Flashers Monthly.(Not sure which shelf you will find it on!)
If anyone wants to know more they should have been there!! Thanks to DONUT for a fab weekend.
ON On to Shillington

Donut has delegated the task of writing the Words for the above run which was the earliest hash run I have ever experienced starting 0830 hours on Sunday morning 14 October.
We assembled outside the bunkhouse, went into the park, turned left then through the woods to the Great Pond, headed north with Miller's Pond on the right where we made enough noise to upset the anglers We then climbed Broadoak Hill to the main estate road, cut the comer by going up and down over the pasture and onto to Hardwick Hall, turned again by the side of the Old Hal! and straight back to the bunkhouse
The circle was formed, had a few down down's and then went inside for a great slap up breakfast.
A good time was had by all.
On-on Pongo

[missing line(s): Archive Ed]

meanings out of an information sign before returning down the hill to the start.
Pre-breakfast may be considered too early for a beer, but not for many of the hashers who toasted the hare, the hash, the weekend and all. Few misdemeanors were noted, but some, myself included, were punished for failing to sport the correct hash attire. Donut cleverly abdicated all responsibilities for the Wordz, so here they are...
"It may have been lost in translation. F**k Off you useless bunch of T""*s is surely a local dialect for "Jolly good show old chaps"
Rapid Withdrawal

Countroadkill, The GM has asked me to write the words for Hardwick run as he cannot be relied upon to produce them. The run began at the unheard of time of 8.30a.m. (This would not have suited Big Blouse) Ringer and Airscrew raced down the hill whilst the rest of us knew it was up the hill. Across the field we ran. Stopped for umpteen photo shoots, upset the fishermen around the lake, posed outside the Hall, made as many words as we could from the letters on the notice 'Hardwick Hall' and raced down the hill to be greeted by the smell of an early brunch. Down downs to nearly every one, a joke from Ringer that he could not remember, a cheer for the hare and on in for yet more beer and food.
White Rabbit


You will receive another email with the photos, I hope it works.

Donut delegated me to send you the words, this is my contribution as I was nominated to be Hash Flash at Hardwick, luckily Airscrew had his camera so his photos may be better.

Saturday Walk Photos 1018-1027

Saturday Evening Photos 1028-1040

Sunday Hash Photos 1042-1063

Various group photos

Photo 1049 - 1051 How many words can you make from the word CLOSED Sad Hashers

Down downs

The hare Donut

All agreed with Pongo - Great Hash

Not wearing hash gear Truly Scrumptious, Rapid Withdrawal & White Rabbit

SOS and Munchkin (not sure if I have got his Hash name right) For racing at the end. [You didn't, it's SAS: Archive Ed.]

Airscrew and Pussies Galore for Flashing

Pongo going in the wrong direction - reason: he needed the loo

Ringer old trainers , not sure how many hashes they have done

Pongo given Ball & Chain

Screamer given hash dress back

It was a great weekend and I just would like to thank every one.

Pussies Galore