Run No 839

The Harrow, Caddington

Sunday, 7th October 2007

Hares: Forking Dickchair, Madge & Madge's Dad






Hash run number 839 was graced with the international prescence of the Birdwoman of Algarve-traz, the journeywoman of hash running being Pussies Galore's kitten sister. With circle up almost finished GM Donut arrived late, his car parked in centre circle as the hash hastily dispersed.

Following two falsies in the opening field it was Truly Scrumptious who was delighted to find herself at the front, promptly chirping how she liked to start on the back and work her was round to the front. A down down was later awarded for this obvious sexual reference that had popped out her mouth [Scrummy was joined in the circle by fellow deviants FDC and MLP ... Ed]. The route then squeezed through a tight hole leading to a broad straight bit that headed towards the bushy area. Just before entering the woods an open number check condemned Count Roadkill, Ringer, SAS and Rapid Withdrawal to make a hasty withdrawal to the rear.

The Hash then rocketed on the first fly-past of the fireworks factory onto a lovely wooded track colloquialy known as half moon lane. No moons, either half, full or blue were seen although the hare-dog Madge was only wearing a harness strap throughout the whole run. By the end of this lane which was in the vicinity of the targets of the nearby rifle range it was My Little Pony amongst the casualties of finding the false trail. The runners picked up the scent of the true route past the sewage cum waterworks.

This led to Bonner Farm where the F.R.B.s could appreciate the vernacular architecture of a barn conversion with swimming pool, whilst the back walkers took the direct route short-cut accross the back field to allow Pussies Galore and Blrdwoman to preen and coo whilst they then led the way. This lead was soon lapped up as the runners again fizzed past the firework factory prior to re-running a small section of this convoluted figure of eight route before setting the straight-line flightpath to the On Inn to the Harrow, a pub many hashers have probably seen before, all-be-it from 3,000 ft on final approach to Luton Airport.

The new landlord, only sworn in on Monday had a limited range of ales that were gratefully drunk as planes passed frequently overhead with landing gear down-down. Pongo received his 400 runs fleece and the GM invited the whole circle to step forward to celebrate the 16th (and now legal) birthday of The Hare and Hounds Hash House Harriers.
Wick wick to Hardon Hall

Forking Dickchair, Madge and Madges dad.