Run No 838

The Rising Sun, Halls Green

Sunday, 30th September 2007

Hares: Monster Munch & Risky Exposure






The Count was disappointed that the Hash met too late for him to get a photo of the sun rising over the Rising Sun in Halls Green, but everyone else managed to hide their frustration at not be there at dawn very well. Despite it being a beautifully sunny morning, the circle was sadly lacking. It was lucky that Private Parts brought along some newies (introduced as his sister and her wife) or we'd have noticed the lack of all you other lazy buggers more. Intros over, Hares Risky X and Monster Munch shouted the On.

Almost immediately the entire pack followed GorJoyce down a long falsie. Donut, bringing up the rear, helpfully suggested Risky X lay an arrow to show latecomers the correct route. Her hesitation should have been a bit of a give away.

Next check and this time it was White Rabbit who helpfully headed off down the falsie, despite PP's best efforts to draw the pack in the correct direction. Several more false turns followed in quick succession. Pussies Galore tried to get the back hare to give her a clue, but Risky held firm.

The pack then headed straight into a herd of angry cows. They didn't much like GorJoyce's matador impression and gave chase. The pack scattered, abandoning her to a horrible fate but fortunately Somefrog was ready to play the hero and ran after the cows with WhiskyChaser. Did no one tell him that the only things cows like chasing more than red rags is dogs?

Some time later, and the hash was back in safe territory. At the next check the Count was head to proclaim loudly "well it can't be that path &ndash that's the way to Stevenage". But he had forgotten Monster Munch's preference to always run as far as possible.

After a very ploughed field the pack headed on inn, where they were joined by Captain F, fresh (ish) from a triathlon. But Donut, where was Donut? By himself in Weston, much to the dismay of the hares.

Circle time and down-downs for the hares and newies. Also to Somefrog for heroism and PP as sponsor for his sunglasses-on-back-of-head relative. Then some drinks for not doing stuff – Pussies for not being late, White Rabbit for not hitting anything while parking, and Captain F for not actually running the hash. And finally tankards awarded to yours truly and Monster Munch for surviving 10 runs...well 15 now... maybe 20 by the time Monster finishes his down-down!

[Great comment from MM... "this is more beer than I had on my stag night"... well done you two, great run, good words, on time, bad show those of you who stayed in bed.
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Risky X & Monster Munch