Run No 837

The Brewery Tap, Shefford

Sunday, 23rd September 2007

Hares: Capt. F & Tarzan


The lame excuse for undersnapped Wurdz is that your Scribe
took Lady P to the Isle of Wight where she found a distant cousin of H5
(but PP's phone camera came to the rescue)

Your Hares on a sunny day in Shefford ...
Tarzan and Capt F.

A surprisingly large number of hashers turn up on what turned out to be a bright early autumn day. It was Tarzan's first time out as a hare. Donut calls the circle and Tarzan shows her ...???... drawing a new form of check. It's a hares choice check, which looks just like a rabbit's head (whiskers and all). The other new form of check is a numbered check without an enclosing circle, to keep the slower members of the pack running whilst the FRBs fish-tail to the back.

Both Pongo and Shaggy are heard muttering about whether it's going to be the Shefford A run or the Shefford B Run. Well we will just see about that later. The on is called and the pack dutifully ...???... direction outside the front of the pub. Smiffo calls on, but in the usual Capt F style it turns out to be a false trail. Eventually the pack finds the correct trail over the road that runs alongside ...???... merge back onto the main road a ladies check is encountered, which Risky Exposure kindly checks out. The correct trail is eventually taken which leads us up the road away from the aforementioned Hares check. Capt F sends Smiffo in one direction and Walnut WhipWilly in the other. This is a thinly disguised attempt to slow the two of them down in the forlorn hope that th able to keep up with them later on in the run. WWW and Smiffo eventually get called back and shockingly everyone has to take the third option which is in fact a route that is not used ...???... Shefford trails.

At the top of the road, a second hare's check is reached and on this occasion Smiffo and WWW are sent in one direction, whilst Somefrog and Airscrew are sent in the other. Needless to say both are false. WWW, Somefrog and Airscrew all turn back, but for some mysterious reason Smiffo just keeps on going and eventually disappears over the horizon. The only remaining option (the ...???... footpath to Rowney Warren (not Ireland as feared by Ringer). After a long stretch, a numbered check is reached which allows for a short blackberry picking stop. Smiffo eventually re-appears while everyone else is gorging themselves on the delicious fruit.

The pack sets off and eventually we all head into the woods. The trail meanders through the sun dappled trees, it's all quite delightful Airscrew decides to make up his own trail and is not seen for some time. After emerging from the woods, it's a long haul back to Shefford along the path that runs around the perimeter of the Chicksands spy camp. To keep the group from stretching out ...???... have laid a whole series of numbered (non-grouping) checks. These were all for one, two or three runners, but it was no surprise that Smiffo, WWW, and Somefrog (to name a few) were ...???... Finally the group reaches the outskirts of Shefford at the top of Ampthill Road where Airscrew finally re-joins the group. An impromptu refreshment stop is made at chez nous where Pimms ...???... up to the melee. After a short interlude, it's On-lnn to the Brewery Tap for some of Shefford's finest Ales (despite what Knobber says).

Down-downs were awarded to the excellent hares, White Rabbit for nefarious commercial dealings in China (i.e. selling White Rabbit brand sweeties to poor Chinese children), Smiffo for ...???... Risky Exposure and Somefrog for athleticism. WWW and Rapid Withdrawal and possibly countless others were also awarded down-down, but none of us can recall what for. Screamer was awarded the hashit for a second week, on this occasion for having a large arse which was clearly the cause of the split in the back of the dress and also for washing the hashit in Persil.

Finally our relative newie Rachel (daughter of Somefrog) is christened with little fan-fare and considerably less rambling from the RA than normal. Henceforth she will be know as Frogspawn.

On-On to The Rising Sun, Halls Green

Tarzan & Capt F

[...???... indicate gaps where the original words have been chopped off and cannot easily be inferred - Archive Ed]