Hash No 835

The Cycle Treasure Hunt
From Ickwell Green

Sunday, 9th September 2007

Hares: Sasquatch & Capt. Fantaastic


The pack ambled along to the starting point at Ickwell Green, most in cars but with some more athletic hashers (Shaggy + Caution Container) trying to impress the ladies by arriving on two wheels instead. The first team was thrust in the right direction at about 10:15 and this carried on until 11:15 when the last of the latecomers had arrived and got their pedals on.

That's when the clues started to be picked apart!

The first clue went wrong as one of the 6 stones we were looking for hashers to find had broken in half, most people got confused by the reference to Arthur's sword rather than ...???... Arthur, I saw several teams zooming up and down the road through Old Warden trying to find SG18 35 and a lack of signposts meant that the directions we set became instantly a ...???... Such is the way of a bike hash...

The first beer stop became a problem when Smiffo, Screamer and Munchkin turned up at 11:15 having raced through the first section of the trail. Rather than wait they decided ...???... I'm not convinced by any logic which involves heading away from the Engineer's Arms. It either takes great courage or great stupidity. The remaining members enjoyed a lunchtime ...???... and discussed the clues with each other. During this discussion it became apparent that some sort of SABOTAGE had taken place on one of the clues, and that question might have to be discounted. It wouldn't be a Bike Hash without a bit of troublemaking though now, would it?

We packed The Cock at Broom before long, for much discussion about bicycles and beer. This time, every member was present including the aforementioned threesome which had ...???... for the rest of the pack. Further consumption ensued, followed by a short ride back to the green.

Along the way, the hunters were asked to divide £5 by 25, which oddly proved difficult for them. One team even gave "£5" as their answer. You do wonder some times, you really do.

Back at the Green, the picnic was in full swing with extra special refreshments provided by Lady Pee and a tasty poly of Beer from Capt. F. Answers were given, complaints were ...???... winners were declared. Goodness knows the team name of the winners but I certainly don't. I vaguely recall Flo, Wallah Bollox, Dave and Philip standing up and being cheered ...???... a beer-fuddled memory now.

On On to next year's BASH, hosted by someone else! Get practising!

Sasquatch + Captain Faaaaaantastic

[You may be wondering about the pictured badger. The poor departed sole was in our very wheeltracks until Lady Pee hauled him - or her - off the road to rot in a dignified manner ...???... peace good brock. You may not be wondering about the badger but about the Mekon pose. Don't worry that's quite normal..... Scribe]

[...???... indicate gaps where the original words have been chopped off and cannot easily be inferred - Archive Ed]