Run No 834

The Windmill, Charlton

Monday, 3rd September 2007

Hares: Somefrog & Douglas






PONGO'S 400 ...


There was a goodly number of hares but gradually they fell by the wayside. Somefrog, looking good though fresh from microsurgery on the old ticker, eventually had to shoot off early to some "W"ing. Douglas turned up a little lame but did a fine job back-haring, and frogspawn Rachel was hurt before the off and failed to make even the starting line.

There was a goodly number of hashers but gradually they fell by the wayside, What became of the missing is a mystery to this correspondent But... happy to report... the homing instinct ...???...took all of its members back to the pub at various times and from various directions.

Starting from The Windmill we immediately crossed the River Hiz, all except Scubedobedo using the bridge, and then cut back through Charlton to Wellhead, source of the Hiz, and the ...???... Temple End. Here Hash Flash was able to snap the end of a beautiful sunset.... which meant the hash was doomed to end in darkness. But this road was a falsie and we were soon back ...???... late coming Nik Nak before heading out to the cornfields behind Charlton and then south before zig-zagging north to the outskirts of Hitchin.

Here we started to fragment with the large knitting circle going AWOL as the FRBs - we must use the term loosely - ran east up Hitchin Hill and into the dark woods. Out of these the FRB ...???... PP, Scubedobedo and Sasquatch - encountered the only numbered check and that was the last we saw of them. Whether it was the effort of finding the back of the pack or the terror of ...???... know not, but a less generous scribe might use the term 'short-cutting'.

The main body of the hash was now a lean, mean machine stripped of both KC and FRB, and it purred through the darkening footpaths to a held check on the edge of Gosmore where L...???... headtorch was the subject of admiration and envy. As it became clear we would hold for no more than 7 or 8 hashers, Somefrog took the bold decision to write ON INN on the lane past ...???... Manor a mere ¾ mile from the pub. What a shame that he had to deny himself the joy of taking us through the last 2 miles of his trail. But he took it well and all were soon back at The Windmill enjoying Lady Pee's apple muffins, a pleasure usually only accorded to The Count.

Down-downs for the hares, for fresh young newee Ruth introduced by SAS, for not so fresh young couple Dead Meat and Merlot celebrating their anniversary, Capt F, Scrummy Dumps and Munchkin (this trio having incurred the displeasure of virgin secret RA Scubedobedo), and for Scrummy again, awarded the hashit for upsetting the GM. Pride of place to Pongo for 400 runs although a heckler rudely disputed the "R" word.

ON..ON to the Bike Treasure Hunt at Ickwell Green
The Scribe

[...???... indicate gaps where the original words have been chopped off and cannot easily be inferred - Archive Ed]