Run No 828

The French Horn, Steppingley

Monday, 23rd July 2007

Hares: White Rabbit & Pussies Galore




For various reasons the hares had to lay the run on Saturday. No problem we thought, until we looked at the weather forecast. Torrential run on Sunday and Monday. Flour was not going to lay on the ground from Saturday afternoon until Monday evening. A brilliant idea came to the inventive hares; lay the run with biogradeable (sic) strips of super market bags. Fantaaaastic we thought.

Monday evening and with the threat of heavy rain the hares did not expect a great number of hashers but were surprised to find 14 turned up to brave the elements, An explanation of the marking was given to the circle before the 'on on' was called. White was 'on', orange was a false trail, yellow was a held check and two yellow strips was 8 hashers to the back. Simple we thought. Our faith in the intellectual ability of hashers to absorb memory retaining information was over optimistic. This included the hares.

'On on' out of the car park and after some confusion by those who had run from the pub before and thought they knew the way it was down the hill and the path to the right. So far so good. Across the field and a held check, but the hare thought it was two yellow strips for a held check so on the FRBs went before the back pack could catch up. On to a intersection with a footpath disecting two fields giving FDC a chance to get his leg over. At this point neither of the two hares could remember the correct route and the walkers were sent off on the wrong trail. But our clever ruse of only using one strip of white paper for the 'on ' paid off, as when the first white strip was seen it was the correct route. The hares heaved a sigh of relief.

The cattle were lowing rather loudly as we crossed the field but we all reached the other side without mishap. The first of the two yellow strips appeared at the next stop and the usual FRBs had to go to the back. Slight confusion at the next check as we had left a white strip on a false trail. MLP was going great guns as with Daniel on his back he was still managing to be an FRB. But when he challenged Daniel to the next check he was beaten by creditable margin.

Across another field of young cattle which were so sweet that the Harriets all stopped to talk to them. Unsurprisingly they just stared back with a totally blank look. I talked to the animals was not quite the order of the day. At the next check a heinous crime was committed by Count Roadkill. He removed one yellow strip from the post thus making a 'eight to the back' into a held check. That was just not cricket [but I hear it saved 8 hashers from further aggravating a herd of angry mothers of young cattle? ... Ed]. But not only did he do this once but he repeated this crime again [I am told he denies this vehemently and not even the stand-in RA (hint, hint) accused him of it ..... Ed] Shame on you CRK!

On and up the road and we arrived at the pub just on the hour to be greeted by two late comers who wanted to know where the arrows were. Yes, well having forgotten to bring the flour puffer I stated that no-one else would turn up on such a dull evening. How wrong can you be. However the hares were forgiven all their sins when Pussies produced a feast of sausage rolls and veggie samosas. Very welcome they were. Down downs to the hares, to the late comers, and a deca-runner mug to Scoobescoobedo.

On On Pussies Galore and White Rabbit