Run No 826

The Star, Chalton

Monday, 9th July 2007

Hares: Forkin' Dickchair & Peter






The car park of The Star was the sight of the first piece of action in competitive car parking As White Rabbit was half way through a sixty-point turn to align with the only available car parking space, it was with an F1 Ferrari pit stop speed and cunning that latecomer Pussies Galore stole the place, but all was not lost as the quick thinking hare Forking DeckChair laid a new car park space behind Private Parts car. With the flour still dry White Rabbit was safely parked.

The circle introduced FDCs mate the newly-wed newie Forking Malcolm. Ringer announced his forthcoming birthday and the hash began. At the first falsie, accross a football field containing an innocent bunch of kids playing soccer, the lads were intrigued to see grown men and women engaged in a 'shouting and running' sport. The football was abandoned and lo and behold the hash had nine new followers enjoying it with relish.

The outward leg, between the sewage works and the power station, was accomplished in one go despite a number check missed that included a viewing of a mounted bird hide overlooking the waterworks. The pack was held before the FRBs were slowed by entering the crop maze section. Here a large number of crop busters were later identified. I believe a fracas broke out between our 'hare-dog' Madge and a slightly larger interloper. Madge's efforts were later recognised by her hare Peter Pratt in the down downs.

After the fun fair storage yard and a road section the lady check across an open field was succesfully accomplished, though Screamer was at some stage heard to exclaim of a big prick in the bush she was entering. This was noted and a down-down awarded for such florid language in the still present young ears of the footballing hangers on. Dickensian child labour was not used although there were lads kindly holding back the electric fence hand hooks.

Onwards and up the track to the turkey farm it was the youngsters in the lead, and with the forthcoming 2012 Olympics, now must be the time to promote hash running to be an Olympic sport with potential gold winners in our presence. The first five finishers in alphabetical order were Dida, Dominic, Jack, Rhys and Toby. The remainder of the pub football team were the Benmoussa brothers Jamal and Julian, a dubiously named Mickey Spillaine and Tom 'Mr Bike' who would have been better pursuing the Tour de France, but he carried his mountain bike well over all dozen gates and styles on the course.

At the circle up it was name and shame time for the crop busters Wallabollox, Sleepy Hollow, Flo, Gorjoyce and Scrappy to start with. Caution Container supped the dregs of the falling over water for a similar offence. The only other unmentioned down down was for Pussies Galore who had been carressing the RA's backside, but not fondly enough for his satisfaction and suffered the consequences of having to take his licquor in the ring.

On on to Weston...

Forking DeckChair, Madge & Peter