Run No 824

The Green Dragon, Gravenhurst

(abandon hope all ye who enter here)

Monday, 25th June 2007

Hares: Shaggy, Caution Container, Scrappy & Sleepy Hollow


[may be a line or two missing - Archive Ed.]

We had again been joined by the MK Nash Hash recruitment team and this time Ring Piece actually ran with us, but it was all too much for Utter Buttocks who snuck back to the pub at a very early stage croaking something about parties and weekend.

Poor young CC. He stood no chance of keeping this hash together and as we headed off towards Shillington it was in four distinct packs spread over a large area. To regain control Shaggy - who reappeared - called back the group lead by Capt F, who had obviously run this trail before, with a fallacious "false trail". Now that most of the hash were singing from the same sheet things moved more conventionally - we even picked up the last three stragglers including Knobber moaning about arrows - before finding a rope tied to a branch over the slightly bulging River Ivel. Predictably Private Parts was first up and predictably he made little effort to swing across prefering to jump in; next came shows of bravado followed by refusals from Big Blouse and My Little Gelding but it was Scoobedobedobedo who made it across with dry feet at the third attempt.

Back at the pub we were greeted by the landlady The Green Dragon has been waiting for, and after whom it was surely named in anticipation, who served us with enough warmth and enthusiasm to freeze hell over.

Down-downs for the massed ranks of hares, for Forking Dick Chair who had reached the age when life has meaning (ain't that right Screamer?), for Capt F and Shaggy for doing something or other and for Knobber for not naming Dave, which isn't quite as silly as it sounds.

White Rabbit had a good evening. Her parking albeit at a jaunty angle was quite close to a white line and the old knees seemed to be moving fairly well, and she capped it all with a parady of an Altzheimer sufferer that reduced Big Blouse to hysterics. Hard but fair.

The circle was once again enlivened and cheered by an enthusiastic and enlightening Nash Hash promotion presented by our honoured guests. See Ring Piece we can do sarcasm as well: and by the way Big Blouse, is sarcasm really an ism? I'll leave you with that thought and get on with cooking my broth. No help required thank you.