Run No 823

The Greyhound, Haynes

Monday, 18th June 2007

Hares: Capt F & Shaggy






The WURDZ this week are going to be a bit snorter than normal on account of the following factors:
Today is Saturday and the run was last Monday
The age of the hare (more of that later, but suffice to say that the memory is fading)
I forgot to take mental note on the run of what was going on

Shaggy and I decided to lay the course just prior to the run which can be a dangerous tactic if you don't really plan properly. The weather was threatening, but kind and we managed to finish well in time, so it was back to Capt F's gaff for a well earned cuppa.

An intrepid nineteen hashers gathered for the run and after quick introductions hosted by the esteemed HM (Private Parts) it was off almost bang on time Capt F had laid his usual check just outside the pub and on this occasion the majority of the pack has decided to set off up the road toward the village centre. The on is called, but to no avail as it is a false trail Shagpile (who was not there - some excuse about being a bit camp) would have been rankled as this meant that we had to reverse and pass by the pub again when we hear the inevitable cries of ON-INN (oh well things don't change). Following the correct trail now I do believe its Caution Container up front doing a darned good impression of an FRB. Is it me or is that young man getting fitter?

Up top of hill like, CC encounters the bar check and finally we strike off across some of Bedfordshire's beautiful countryside. Emerging onto the road it's a check where the pack scatter, eventually hitting the correct trail towards Wood Farm. Now there is a trail at the back of the farm, but will the hash find it as for all intents and purposes you have to venture onto the lawns at the front of the farm to get to the path. As it turns out this did not cause Private Parts any concern whatsoever and he goes straight for it. Past the small lake and at the top of hill some mean hares have planted a numbered check and as the FRBs start to back-track, those still approaching appear to slow down and group up - now why is that?

Once the pack have re-grouped the on is called and Cardiac sets off towards Rowney Warren. In the interests of keeping the group together Capt F feels impelled to point out a false trail that might have been overlooked but fortunately some obliging hashers eventually decide to check it out. The real trail though disappears into the fringes of Chicksands Wood. We have had a bit of rain recently and this is pretty obvious once in the woods as the narrow trails are full of great shaggy and verdant overgrowth.

At one point Screamer is gingerly skirting the edge of a big puddle, when Knobber goes plop right in the middle of it and sends a tidal wave of mud and detritus which quite humorously covers Screamer from top to toe. Cardiac is making better progress than most through the slippery paths so manages to get to the look-out thingy first which he then promptly scales in order to get a better view of the approaching hashers. Cutting across forest we emerge at the cinder track running through the centre of the forest where a field-check allows everyone to re-group. Now usually back runners attempt to catch up whilst the rest of the pack are holding, but on this occasion Wolla-Bollox and Florence appear to be totally unaffected by any sense of urgency as they merrily approach, stooping down every so often to have a closer look at the interesting wildlife. The walkers and the back hare have disappeared and time is getting on so the on is called and we set off down the track towards the forest memorial.

A few twists and turns later we emerge from the forest and the trail takes us down the Greensand Ridge Walk. On this occasion the rain has made the ridge quite muddy and slippery and it's quite steep so it's quite treacherous. The assistant RA (the esteemed Blouse) has hit a tree or something on the way down and needs a short break to gather his composure. Don't remember much more except that as we approach the village we spy some late arrivals. It's Ring Piece and Utter Buttocks from MK hash who have come to shamelessly peddle their impending soiree (come on guys surely we can do better than just myself and Shagpile going).

In celebration of hit 50th, Capt F has laid on a few sarnies and chips which from the look of things, was greatly appreciated by the ravenous, exhausted hashers. After a beer or two, the circle is called by the HM. Pongo was asked what Pongo would have thought of the run? After which down-downs were awarded to the WORTHY hares (Shaggy & Capt F). Capt F got a second in honour of his 50th birthday The most worthy down-down was given to Knobber for turning Screamer's body into an art work somewhat reminiscent of an early piece by cheetah the monkey (I think there was a recent news article involving a monkey and a painting). I am sure there were plenty of other worthy awards, but the run was far too long ago to remember that far back so apologies for my lapse.

On-On to run 823 [824 actually - Archive Ed.] - the Green Dragon at Gravenhurst.