Run No 817

The Royal Oak, Chapelfoot

Monday, 7th May 2007

Hares: Gorjoyce & Private Parts





DEADMEAT, 200 ..



It was a dark and stormy night, and the prospects for a dry run looked slim. The trail was laid the morning of run day, thereby giving the forces of nature little opportunity to wash them all away - even if it did result in slightly damp hares!

It seems, however, that our two RAs were in fact working tirelesly to achieve a break in the weather - and we were rewarded with some sunshine! Sadly the RAs were so tired after this valiant effort that they were unable to benefit from the fruits of the their labours - but we had a pretty good turn-out all the same.

The circle was called by GM Donut and before long the hash was heading up the hill towards the remains of Minsden Chapel. Here a back check provided further exercise for the FRBs and the whole pack, led by Captain F, took the falsie into the woods to see the remains of the chapel (and to pray for forgiveness for not supplying words last week). The true trail continued onwards, and after crossing the road there was a short uphill stretch to a ladies check. The falsie from here was found by Screamer, with the correct route heading back down towards Hitch Wood.

Hitch Wood was blooming with bluebells as we ran through, and one regular check was transformed into a veterans' check because the earlier check had been wiped out. Fortunately most of the trail was left intact and the pack soon found themselves at Lady Grove where Screamer seemed to be enjoying her rest a little too much! From there Count Roadkill led the way up the road and found the footpath leading back towards the pub, although Some Frog continued a little further to check the falsie along the road.

The final falsie was checked by Dave Or Is It John but it was Smiffo who was first to reach the final back check on the way down the hill. He started on his way back up, only for his bride-to-be, using her powers as Hash Mattress wisely, to declare herself as "the back". The end result was that she, Smiffo, Count Roadkill and PP arrived back at the pub well ahead of the rest of the pack - who were less wimpy about running a back check!

The sun continued to shine as we drank in the pub garden. After a pleasant interlude the circle was called and the hares, birthday girl (Lady P) and various other reprobates (including Screamer for her despicable ignoring of the final back check and Some Frog for slow dressing) received additional fluids, and Gorjoyce was rewarded with additional clothing. Several hashers achieved milestones including Deadmeat (200 at last), Trudy & Sleepy Hollow (10 each).

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