Run No 815

Sunday, 22nd April 2007

The Polhill Arms, Reynold

Hares: Airscrew & Donut







A glorious day welcomed the Hash to the Polhill Arms, Reynold. A fine turnout with about 2 dozen hashers making the journey to NE Bedford and once Airscrew had arrived 10.55am after leaving Donut on the run route (more on this later) the Hash circled up. After the usual introductions, it was on out of the Pub and after quickly encountering a false trail along a bridleway, the pack then headed into the corn fields. At the first check, WWW, found Donut hiding behind the hedge.
The falsie was found and then the pack headed off south towards Bedford East. At the next check, the pack followed for some time until a long bar sent them all back into the woods. The pack streaked off into the distance, only to arrive at another bar. White Rabbit then led the Hash into the fields on to the correct route.
An impromptu '5 to the back' led the front runners to begrudgingly turn around and make their way back down the field. The pack then headed east through a reclaimed footpath...The Hares reclaimed a forgotten footpath and on the Saturday managed to hack back most of the brambles, branches etc, but had to return on Sunday morning with a pair of secateurs to finish the job off. This is why one Hare was almost late getting to the start and the other Hare was hiding out on the run...
Once the hash and 2 new mutts had made their way over the broken stiles and fences into the fields of sheep, the first Held Check was upon them. The Hash then went in all directions, but were finally called ON correctly by Capt F and on to a Ladies Check. Underlay quickly found the correct route but was led astray by another Bar Check. The pack congregated on the road near the Three Horseshoes Pub and once together headed over the road. A short cut was offered but most chose the scenic route through into the bluebell woods. Donut, of all hashers, managed to take a tumble over a tree stump, fortunately injury free, but more importantly, missed by the RA!!
With Checks, Bars and an SC (which wasn't), the pack headed out of the woods and up to the Church. Another Held Check welcomed the group and once all together, the pack headed off west towards the pub. After a bar on the road, it was into the cornfields again....
On Inn, written twice, once by both Hares, was a clear indication the pack was home.....
Several attendees had to leave early for various reasons, leaving the circle depleted by about 10!!
Down Downs were awarded to the Hares, Giblets the Birthday Boy, 3 Newies (Somefrog's better half and 2 friends we believe [or was one Forking's Dad? ..... Ed] and the secret RA, Pussies Galore, caught Donut and Lady P for lured [more likely than "lewd" with those two? ... Ed] comments to each other, something about 'hold it' !!
ON to the Musgrave Arms, at Shillington, the final Sunday run of the season, next week.
ON-ON Airscrew & Donut.