Run No 813

Monday, 9th April 2007

Rowney Warren

Hares: Underlay & Shagpile






A 'Dog Impales Itself On Stick' event meant that laying the run had to be curtailed while a dash to doggy hospital was carried out. Arriving back later at Rowney Warren meant we had little time to complete the trail, so it ended up being quite short. Not to worry; that left more time for the BBQ.

A good crowd of H5 had gathered, along with a flock of Milton Keynes HHH led by the vociferous Ringpeace. There being just the one birthday to acknowledge (Sasquatch) it was straight to the ON OFF.

The first check was found by Airscrew who also found the falsie. The rest of the pack disappeared off somewhere when he called the 'false trail' and it took a bit of encouragement to get them to find the real trail. The pack followed the trail as it meandered around the woods, and with plenty of opportunities for Short Cuts, the pack stayed nicely together. This despite Ringer and Forking Dickchair calling "ON" on what must have been bird shit. Smiffo as usual seemed to be doing a lot of FRBing and therefore caught most of the numbered checks and falsies.

It can be difficult to remember where the dust was laid in Rowney Warren, and the hare's indecisiveness was noted by the RA. I'm sure Lady P was ON at the harriette's check, but Screamer managed to decoy the pack away on an invisible trail. Luckily there were loads of 'little white feet' laid so the true trail was soon found again without too many problems.

After crossing the road a number of sneaky bar checks delayed the pack just long enough to make the run last a full 40 minutes. After everyone was back, Donut arranged a hasty Egg Run for the few puppies and then the circle was called. Down-downs went to the birthday boy, fathers and sons for height-ism, Rlngpeace for stealing from the H5 dray, and the hares for forgetting where the trail went. A final down-down was awarded by self-appointed 'Puppy RA', Muddy Waters, to Ringpeace as he 'annoyed her and was wearing loud trousers'!

Underlay & Shagpile