Run No 811

Sunday, 25th March 2007

The White Hart, Flitton

Hares: White Rabbit & Pussies Galore







Saturday morning dawned dull wet and cold and the hope that the weather would improve by the afternoon was a wish that did not come true. But like the true Harriets that we are, we bravely fought against the elements in order that the Sunday morning routine of a hour's run followed by even longer period of drinking could be maintained. Guessing that most of the flour would be washed away by Sunday morning we laid some arrows in sheltered places and made most of the circles into held checks. Well the fact that there would be two back hares came into the equation.
Sunday morning and our pessimistic thought that it would still be wet, windy and very cold proved foundless. A bright, sunny and warmish day brought out a good numbers of H5 hashers and visitors from Milton Keynes. "On on" was called to the left of the car park and the FRBs all belted along the road, some slower hashers turned into the footpath to the right and the walkers all found the correct path to the left down by the side of the pub. Along the lane and across the fields in which were the very frisky horses we had encountered the day before, past the goats, (ignoring the remark of one hasher who said "There're funny sheep") and on to the marshy field leading to the woodlands. Slight confusion at the stile as the flour we tried to rub into the ground still looked like a hash circle. But the right trail to the right was found and into the woods we all went. Private Parts could not resist trying the swing over the stream but managed to land in it. On to the end of the woodland and there was some confusion about the sign in the circle. Down the track and along the main road and we were back into the woodland. Across a bridge and over a stile and into some really good shiggy! Loud screams came from Lady P but Shaggy was not around to offer her a piggy back so she just had to get her feet wet. Around the marshy field and a straight, though rather long, run in and just on the hour we reached the pub. Please excuse the rather dull words but it was difficult to see what was going on in the front from the back.
The circle was called, 'down downs' for the hares, to Smeg for suggestive words on her tracksuit, to Nik Nak for doing nothing, to Capt F, Donut, Shagpile and two visitors for being posers as they all had personalised car number plates, to White Rabbit for not knowing who the GM was, for allowing her co-hare to lay the 'on inn' on the outward run, and calling for a held check when it was not marked. For all these crimes I was awarded the Good Crack award, the hashit and the toilet seat (I think I was being got at!)
On On White Rabbit for Pussies Galore