Run No 808

Sunday, 4th March 2007

The Red Lion, Preston

Hares: Count Roadkill & Gorjoyce






There are a couple of reasons why this was a bad day to have a hash - it was very wet and it was the morning after Screamer and Smiffo's engagement party. And there are two reasons why it was a good hash - it was very wet and it was the morning after Screamer and Smiffo's engagement party.

The Hare's nightmare: after laying a trail on a sunny Friday two downpours before the Sunday, so it's an early morning re-lay ... followed by more rain. And what does rain mean? Rain means Shiggy and there was heavy, sustained, wet Shiggy with a capital S that brought the best out in the hash. Within 400 metres of the pub we were in Shiggy so claggy that Underlay lost both shoes within 3 paces and various illegal trail avoiding tactics were in use - you were spotted Nik Nak, we have you on film Pussies, you're bang to rights Munchkln. Then came a sodden field patrolled by a load of bullocks rapidly taking on the characteristics of water buffalo. More Shiggy in the Hitch Wood and the trail led straight through some very wet stuff, much enjoyed by the wallowing Private Parts who, rapidly taking on the characteristics of a hippo, gallumped through it at least 7 times so happy was he.

But not so Screamer. What a wonderful, kind, sweet, innocent, nay naive, lady she is. One day she agrees to marry Smiffo, the next she accepts a piggy back across a pond from Shagpile. No bookie in the country would have taken a bet against her surviving the latter without a wet bum and sure enough the unhappy couple ended up mud wrestling in a foot of water. Will she never learn?

But there was no damping the spirits of the hash, many still merry from the celebrations of the previous night, as a muddy field was taken as light relief and it doubled back through Hitch Wood again and down a slippery lane towards Preston where a few took the first of 3 shortcuts. But not Nik Nak who stayed on the trail but not on her feet as the slippery stuff claimed another victim. The hash spread out as it looped back to Preston once more and FKA Duck could not wait for dust to be laid before rushing off to The Red Lion. Others wanted to see Smiffo back at the scene of his flight from the cow herd: it brought back the memories but alas this year no cattle in the field.

Great to see Penetrator and Ringkisser - up from Cornwall to have their accents mimicked by Ward 10 and go to the party of course - and great to see so many turn out in such miserable weather.

Down-downs for Split Block's 8th birthday, Munchkin's 100-run presentation (he did the run last week) and to various hashers for various things rattled out by HM PP who deserted hippo mode in the interests of keeping the circle dry (in truth your correspondent was too bust scoffing the food left over from the party to listen).

Worth noting that Ed never did master the Hash Horn and really must be brought to book for that one day - when we can get him to stay for apres.

The HASHIT to Caution Container.

CRK and Gorjoyce