Run No 807

Sunday, 25th February 2007

The Three Horseshoes, Hinxworth

Hares: Mekon & Splitblox

HASHERS: 20  APRES: 6 (inc Hares & RA)  NEWEES: 0  MUTTS: 0






Once upon a time in a far off village, two hares lay a trail along a muddy path. One hare was a triathlete and the other one was normal. The triathlete ran and the normal hare skidded about in the muddy path. The normal hare got left behind but he found a road and the pub, and the triathlete came from another way.

Splitblock (age 7)
And so the fast hare reached the pub first but without her baby hare (tortoise) and had to return in search of her young, who like all good hashers had a nose for the pub even at the tender age of seven. But all this is irrelevant as neither hare reached the pub till 11.15, by which time all the thoroughly impatient hashers had gone on a hareless run. Who needs hair [sic. is she a Shagpileaphile?... Ed] anyway. But they would have all had a much more enjoyable run over Newnham Hill, had Big Blouse admitted that he knew damn well where the trail went as he had seen the hares out setting it. But, because he's a lazy sod and didn't want a long hard run up a slippery muddy hill he kept his mouth shut. So the moral of the story is more haste less speed and keep your mouth shut if you want an easy life.

Mekon (age 21)
Truth is, if it be told, we had a jolly good run which started as tradition demands at 11:05 but on this occasion not knowing if a single splodge of flour awaited us. In fact we found a thoroughly well laid trail which we were able to follow without the aid of the usual mixture of clues, misleading info and downright lies you get from hares. The conditions were challenging, as in slippery, but the weather bright and the only downside to the whole thing was the doubt which lingered in the communal mind of the pack and which eventually caused it to crack.

What had happened to the hares? As the trail took us further away from Hinxworth to Ashwell End and past Loves Farm the theories grew more fanciful. Had they been kidnapped? Were they laying injured? Lost? Or was it an A to B run and would a bus be waiting at Ashwell..... When we arrived at the Hinxworth/ Ashwell road the choice was towards the pub or away from it. The correct solution was to find the dust but the faint hearted won. We sent H5's own Kalenjin (you know the one with no name, puts us all to shame with his .. running) towards the pub and he could find neither trail nor falsie. So we shrugged our shoulders, Big Blouse as previously reported said nowt and the whole pack turned into SCBs. We found the hares at the Three Horseshoes 55 minutes after we left it. No doubt Pongo would have declared it the best bald run he'd been on this year had he been on it.

The HASHIT is shared between Mekon and Stallion.

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