Run No 806

Sunday, 18th February 2007

The Windmill, Charlton

Hares: Count Roadkill & Gorjoyce



A late injury to a scheduled hare (get that appendage well soon Private Parts) paired two children of the 1960s on this red dress run. They could remember well those days, long before they knew each other, when The Windmill would be the place, no THE PLACE to take your latest flame if your dad would let you use his car. The small bar meant sitting outside in those pre-global warming days long before it was trendy; it was romantic to smooch by the River Hiz which like other things flowed much faster then [that's enough old schmaltz ....Ed].

On a day cool to the point of nipple-erecting the GM called a good-sized circle with lamentably few red dresses and then welcomed three newees. But no GM, these are recent regulars with a few hashes under their belts: what can we do to persuade ASBO and his mates to stick around for a beer so we can get to know them? We only usually see them running back at numbered checks. Answers on a postcard to the GM.

The On-On was across the river and almost immediately the pack were thrown into confusion before order and a rampant, black-dressed Shaggy led them towards Hitchin and then a double-back to pass close to Charlton again. Here we lost the lame G-String. How good it had been to see one of the all-time greats making another brave come-back from a long-term, potentially career-threatening injury - and how sad to see him limp out of the action after only 20 minutes -[that's enough hyphens and no more schmaltz ....Ed]. Shagpile chickened out at this point too.

After some Broken Heart checks the pack arrived at the source of the Hiz and a Jelly Baby check, at which Split Blox arrived having eaten none of the sweets in his charge but soon put that right, as Nik-Nak and Gorjoyce fought over the black ones. S Gonzales, for it is surely he, then proceeded to string the hash out in a long line as it made a horseshoe shape towards Preston and back to be bunched only by a numbered check. Giblets at last called a trail right to reach a held check first where he asked a local whippet-owner for directions; this did him no good as he and the whole hash took 5 wrong tracks before Shaggy found the right one. Still getting it wrong the GM combined crop-busting with attempted short-cutting [I've warned you.... Ed] to get himself nowhere before finally meandering into Charlton.

Down downs for the hares for what Pongo would have called a jolly fine run, for Walla-Bollox-the-artist-sometimes-known-as-Overflo [last warning.... Ed] & Flo both for secretRArefusism and Shaggy for shaggyism. Deca award for Split Blox who didn't seem nearly as embarrassed by the song words as the rest of the hash. And a special mention for Five Baah who ran from Langford to the hash and had every intention of running back.

The HASHIT stays with Shaggy and Caution Container because they wear it well.

The Count and Gorjoyce
On-On [that's it no more...... Ed]