Run No 805

Sunday, 11th February 2007

A Run for Gispert
The Chequers, Streatley

Hares: Private Parts & Gorjoyce


PP ...





It was with some concern that I noticed, less than 48 hours before the start of the run that there was snow on the ground and the forecast for the whole weekend was heavy rain. By some miracle Gorjoyce and I were able to lay the full trail in a little over 2 hours without a single drop of rain falling from sky The next morning the sky had cleared, allowing the views to be properly enjoyed - evidently the RA and assistant RA are in favour with God at the moment!

Our illustrious GM called the circle, and welcomed our 3 guests from South Hams H3 in Devon. Count Roadkill informed us that Lady P had passed the tremendous age of 20,000 days. The hares explained the trail markings, and gave warnings about slippery hills before the pack set off to find the trail.

All the falsies from the village were found before Smiffo located the true route through the churchyard. The trail was a pan-handle, heading along the road and then out across the fields and into the woods on the edge of a steep hill, and a ladies check. Unsurprisingly, the trail led down this hill - although most of the pack chose to check-out the obvious falsie in a desperate hope that it was correct. Eventually though, the pack started to make their way down the very slippery slope like participants in some deranged episode of Ski-Sunday . Shagpile lost all control and had to grab wildly at trees (and Underlay) to prevent himself from falling - only to discover the nasty little numbered check at the bottom [Eds note: our picture does not do this hill credit. On HSE advice Hash Flash snapped on the lower, kinder slopes].

On the subject of bottoms, it was along the next stretch by the river that Captain Fantaastic was observed (by Big Blouse) fondling certain hariettes - although Nik-Nak admitted that she enjoyed it. Our visitors, displaying a level of athleticism far beyond the average for H5, checked out the next paths - and soon the pack was making their way through some excellent shiggy. The numbered check (slightly modified by Donut) meant that a few lucky ones got the chance to enjoy it for a second time.

When the trail reached the road (and a held check) a few hashers, led by Tarzan and Trudy, chose to take the easier option of the short-cut - while the rest of the pack headed off across the field. At the end of the field, a set of steps led up the very steep hill and another numbered check. Captain Fantaastic, on his second climb up was seen helping White Rabbit up the hill. The view from the top of the hill was spectacular. The pack, led by 5-Baah, Wallah-bollox and BSE, made its way to the Clappers car park where the short-cutters were waiting.

From there we enjoyed short run across the field (particularly Shaggy, who couldn't resist the temptation to chase a sheep) It was Captain Fantaastic who was first to call "on-inn" after noticing the rather rain-washed markings with the help of the hare. Before long the beer was flowing at the pub, and a circle was called. Hares and visitors received drinks, Gorjoyce got a phone-call, Captain F was called to account for molestationism and various other wrong-doers had the chance to wet their throats before a good roast dinner. The food was great, the service friendly and the land-lady is hoping we'll return.

On-on to Charlton (and a another pair of amazing hares).
[Private Parts' modesty deserts him; 'tis he again]