Run No 801

Sunday, 14th January 2007

Rowney Warren

Hares: Shagpile & Underlay







For the first time that I can remember. I dropped a b'llock in planning the run. In fact I didn't plan at all, so came the day to lay the trail I was well peeved to discover that there really are not a lot of footpaths around The White Horse at Southill.

After a conflab with fellow hare, Underlay, a swift move to Rowney Warren was decided. So with GPS in one hand and the Good Crack footprint dispenser in the other we set about it.

Come the day, it was good to see that the change in venue had been communicated to all and the pack swelled to an impressive number. My explanation of the "white-turns-to-red" trail marks intrigued a few of the hashers who very soon had a chance to observe this miracle first hand.

I'm not sure who were the FRBs at the beginning of the run, but did see Skidmark being dragged to the fore by a more than eager 'Shoot the Dog'. Bell End chose to ignore the ON-On at the first check and launched into a lengthy and unlikely reason for his deafness. Shaggy the hypocrite moaned about short cutting bar-stewards.

There was some confusion at the ladies check about the signal for a bar and a tee, which nearly resulted in the loss of half the pack. Fortunately that was averted with some lusty hollering of On On. 5 Baah found the next bar check, and after a false call for a piece of tissue paper, it left Crumpled Foreskin to lead along the trail. My-Little-Gelding had little faith and branched off nearly finding a chunk of trail that was due later. A held check allowed the laggards and cripples to catch up, after which the trail led downhill. My warnings of "20 paces between dust" was forgotten as G-String & Co started to wander off into the distance. Ringer challenged my application of the 20 paces but was pulled up in an Einstenesque fashion by White Rabbit pointing out that pace lengths differ!

All too soon for Count Roadkill the ON-INN was found [as mrs ed always says it was so good I wish it had lasted just a little bit longer ... ed] I agree; it was too short. In fact it was only 2.2 miles according to the GPS. Sorry! But Big Blouse said it compensated for the previous week's marathon.

The circle and down-downs were adjourned to the pub at Southill. Lost a few of the pack during the transit unfortunately, but a chilly circle was kicked off by Hash Master Private Parts. Birthday DDs went to Pussies Galore and G-String, Gorjoyce for tree hugging, John for not lowering the standards sufficiently, newie Alan for being there and wearing jeans and finally Deano was christened ASBO.

ONON to The White Hart (nudge-nudge-wink-wink) at Maulden.

Shagpile & Underlay