Sunday 14 May – 4th H5 Parasitic Hash – Rugby H3 – The Crown, West Haddon



Bearing various bogus identities Pongo, Gorjoyce, Capt Fantaaaastic and Count Roadkill arrived at The Crown, West Haddon and added 50% to the Rugby H3 numbers. No surprise then they were as pleased to see us as they were disappointed to see our Parasitic Shirts. But no need really to employ the services of Eunuch (Quorn Hash - he'd travelled further than us) in the role of what can only be described as a professional FRB - he would have given WWW a good run and made Smiffo weep. With no numbered checks to pull him back - we did tip them off to that one - he stretched the field to breaking point and only 5 did the full 5 miles, which was "a good run around a very agricultural landscape with all manner of animals. Parts were along the 'Jurassic Way' but we did not see any dinosaurs. Boxed in at one stage by cows with calves" [quote Pongo] and nearly put paid to your GM and your Scribe. The others either took short cuts or gave up the ghost.

Back at The Crown the beer was good and the hospitality genuine. As they were a new relatively new hash Pongo came out with a rambling load of old bull and presented them with a kind of "Hash Holy Liquid" in the form of a genuine virgin can of official beer from "The Homecoming Diamond Celebration" from Interhash 1998 at Kuala Lumpur. Their GM was a bit pissed off when he realised it was well past its drink-by date.

Well worth the trip and I think on balance they were pleased to see us and take part in our little joke...