Run No 798

Saturday 16th December 2006

Community Centre, Clifton

Hares: Capt F & Ringer





"...and don't forget your seasonal Wurdz", said the Scribe as the Circle was dismissed. Most people were wishing each other a Merry Crimbo and a Happy New Year etc., but then I guess Countz will be Countz. Ok, so here are some Seasonal Words: Holy, Mince Pies, Carol, Holly, Snowman, The Great Escape. What's that? That's not what you meant? Oh, you want some words about the RUN - you should have said so before!!

Unusual fixture this - Saturday run, 2:30 kick-off. With the usual meticulous planning Ringer arrives chez Capt F 3½ hrs before the off armed with maps. Where shall we go then? Well we could ... but probably better if we ... did that bit a few weeks ago ... and so on. I know, let's just go and see what happens. Shorter run than usual required - target time 45 mins. Target achieved, it's into the pub for lunch where we find Lady P and Gorgoyce already ensconced.

Perfect Hashing weather prevails (thank you RA) - ideal temperature for running, sunny with no wind to speak of. The Circle is called, amongst whose number are returnees Cardiac and son Tom, who to judge by his rate of growth, has clearly been subjected to child abuse, having been left standing outside in nourishing shiggy.

Talking of shiggy, this was readily available as the path alongside the River Ivel was used to advantage. This, according to Cardiac, was the 'B' Run, as from Stanford Road, we had to go either up to the woods or along the river towards Shefford. All the checks were in festive designs: Xmas tree, Turkey, Xmas pudding and Cracker, some also serving as numbered checks. Dan Dare threw a small log into the river at one such check for Fifi to retrieve. She soon worked out that by swimming against the strong current she was going nowhere and just had to tread water and wait for the log to come to her.

At the end of the run, GM Donut calls a quick (?) Circle before everyone could disperse to change for the Party. Quick? It was just about as long as the run. The GM was kept busy bringing out wave after wave of Down-Downs. Pongo, by proxy, declared it the finest run in Clifton this week, which was a fair judgement. Just about everyone was called into the middle at some point and all the Me-Me-Mes were lead off by Flo. Having chastised Hashers for not using Hash names, RA Knobber then goes and refers to Russell!!! GM Donut was not having any of that and rightly awarded a down-down to the guilty RA.

OnOn to Xmas Eve at Shagpile & Underlay's grotto

Ringer and Capt. F