Run No 793

Sunday 12th November 2006

The White Horse, Broom

Hares: Gorjoyce & My Little Pony







One size fits all for Gorjoyce.
Stunning ex-teenager Gorjoyce shocked bystanders as she exposed her willy. Despite the chill of the winter day her stiff hash member was admired by all as it bobbed up and down across the Broom fields. When interrogated by officials present, she claimed that was addicted to willys of any size whenever she could get them. Soon afterwards, some sportsmen seemed to be reaching for their mobiles and allegedly calling her hotline to give details of shoe sizes.
Pongo headed off at the underpass.
Expert tunneler and quarry runner Pongo was found left for dead in a pool of claret. Fresh reports indicate that a gang of marauding youths wearing sports appareil intimidated the victim into crawling under the A1M. Fortunately, a passing stunning retired Spanish pom star "Juan Cise Joyce" stumbled (literally) over his body and (allegedly) gave him the kiss of life. Hash police are still seeking witnesses.
Race relations.
Despite warnings and incentives to comply with ISO9002, many of todays hash crazed youths are becoming increasingly involved in race-hate crimes. The race is on to limit this madness. The only race is to the bottom of the glass, or to the bar. We are all one big family regardless of colour or creed. Even if you have super-athletes for kids, an FVS shirt, a faster bike than Knobber. Just say NO to racing. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!
Mekon: Age Kon-cern.
And in other news: Super slinky Cyclist sets sites on second series of senior birthdays. Mekon completed her first 21 official birthdays since records began which probably was about 15 years ago, but no one's counting, honest, definitely not me. No I'm not counting at all and I am in no way insinuating that you look or indeed are anything more than 21 (and a little bit) years old. My lawyers number is 0800 9945 33296.
Happy birthday
And Finally
Inn an unprecedented move, MLG has successfully reduced his length. Despite this shock news, he was still to be found laying with hundreds of birds.They were getting wet just watching him.
Gig Guide
Daddy, those men scare me.
Miserable, everyday except Sunday: dear and warm and dry about midday.
Business News
Mind your own.
Your Stars
You will find them in the sky later tonight.

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