Run No 792

Sunday 5th November 2006

Capt F's Gaff, Shefford

Hare: Capt F


Sorry about the shortness of the words, but the passage of time since the run has served only to dull my memory or was that the beer?

Finding new and unused routes around Shefford is becoming increasingly difficult and the only real options left are running previously trod sections backwards and somehow trying to link together bits of previous runs in a slightly different order. With this in mind it was decided that instead of starting the run by going up Ampthill Road (my usual MO), on this occasion we would reverse the start. The run took in the various beauty spots around Shefford and in particular the rivers Ant and Hit.

My lasting memory of the run will always be the view of the sunset from the top of Cockshoot Hill, which unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of as the Count was off on his New York marathon exploits. Nature's fireworks really put the man made versions (which were to come later) to utter shame. My other lasting memory of the run is seeing Gorjoyce disappearing along one after another false trail and it would not surprise me if Gorjoyce never speaks to me again.

Back at the ranch everyone was served up with large quantities of bangers, mash and beans, washed down with lashings of Shefford Ale. Many thanks go to Gorjoyce, Hairy Gussett and Shaggy for providing the cakes. Shaggy's cheese-cake creation was laced with Baileys with an H5 badge. After the food it was time to set off the inter-continental ballistic fireworks that were brought along. Private Parts and It's megmerelda acted as joint MCs for the firework display (very sensible after the pathetic attempts by Captain F at the millennium do). Please note that some of the fireworks were so big that they have left behind blackened craters in the garden.

Down-downs were awarded to the hares (Shaggy and Captain F) and also to Muddy Waters for her birthday, an event that was marked with a twelve party-popper salute. Tarzan immediately felt the urge to clean up the streamers. Captain F threw all caution to the wind and commented on the fact that cleaning up the mess is something that Tarzan rarely does inside of the house. Private Parts was awarded his rugby shirt for his 100th run. Further down-downs were awarded to MLP. Tarzan got at least two down-downs for organising the food (please note that ever since the weekend Tarzan has been complaining about RSI from peeling the spuds). There were no doubt plenty of other down-downs, but these have now all been forgotten in the fog of time.

On-On to the White Horse, Broom Capt F & Shaggy

Meanwhile in a city far from Shefford ....

Count Roadkill displays his medal and supports his kid brother after completing the New York Marathon in only 4 hours 59 minutes and 47 seconds