Run No 790

Sunday 22nd October 2006

The Engineers Arms, Henlow

Hares: Capt F & Knobber






For the first time in our lives, we went to the Engineers Arms whilst it wasn't open – even worse as it was the weekend of the Henlow Beer Festival. But as the Landlord snored deep into the morning, and the Landlady lugged the empty barrels from the previous night, we set off to lay the hash.

Off down the High Street, we quickly lost track of where we were. Having realised that we had the map the wrong way up, we replanned the route in the direction that we didn't think we were going and carried on.

Working our way back from the bottom end of Henlow, we stumbled across a local, who, by coincidence, turned out to be Deadmeat's son. After chatting for a while, and denying everything, we moved on and into the grounds around Henlow Grange and encountered a gentleman of the road. He was keen to point out various crops of wild mushrooms in the locality, and listening to him, we suspected that he had probably sampled some of them to enhance the effect of his cans of white cider. Imagine our surprise when he appeared in the Engineers and latched onto G-String and Skidmark after the Hash the next day.

Round the lake we saw a fattie in jogging pants land a six pound carp and have his picture taken with the fish, which was not happy at being caught in the first plaice and suffered further distress at having the fattie's digit shoved in its gob for the photo.

Anyway, on the Sunday morning the hash gathered and once Gorjoyce had managed to park with four wheels on the right side of the kerb, got underway. Some serious coaxing by the hares caused the pack to run most of the falsies. Once out of the village, the pack headed towards Clifton, and then up the fields and around to emerge juxtaposed to the Five Bells. Down to the rec and up to the Church, then into Henlow Grange for a falsie down to the river. Around the lake and back across a field to find the On Inn and the pub at the end of the alleyway.

In the circle, down downs went to the hares, both for the run and also to mark the occasion of their 22nd wedding anniversary, for which Capn F was joined by Tarzan and Knobber by Muddy, in the absence of Hairy G who had gone to fetch the whippets WWW and Scooper from their morning cross country run elsewhere. (Kick race-ism out of the Hash!). Knobber told a really funny joke before RA for the day Big Blouse made Ringer pay for his spillage by drinking the dregs from the tray. Big Blouse also incurred the wrath of Muddy for awarding a down-down that she wanted to, so Muddy gave the Puppy award to Private Parts instead as she took exception to his haircut.

Back in the Engineers, most of the beer had already gone, but we managed to eek a few pints out of the barrels such that by the time we left for a bit of dinner at the Crown, the brain had gone into intermittent random activity mode and G-String and Skidders had attracted some dubious company to while away the afternoon with.

OnOn to Biggleswade next week

Capt F and Knobber