Run No 789

Sunday 15th October 2006

The Bull, Barton-le-Clay

Hare: Ringer







This run was inherited by the Hare from Shagpile and Underlay who found they were otherwise engaged on their booked date. So given the shortish notice, the Hare decided that a pre-recced run would be plan A. Trawling through the Words archives, the Hare was surprised to discover that the last time we ran from this pub was over 5½ years ago. On that occasion, the run was memorable for being the coldest on record – there was a serious risk of hypothermia. Still that was in winter and this is autumn, so better prospects were likely. In the event, the RA delivered superbly – excellent hill-climbing weather as one Hasher subsequently noted.

Now when you run from Barton-le-Clay, there are two options – The Sharpenhoe Clappers or Barton Hills. Both are going to end up requiring a significant increase in altitude to be achieved. GM Donut called the Circle to order and handed over to HM Private Parts. Having declared the run to be benign, bovine-free but with some shiggy, the OnOut was given. A false trail before we even left the car park, checked out by Capt. F., was a bonus. Left out of the pub was also a false trail; the close opposite the pub tempted Private Parts, but a strategically-laid T protected the OnInn. So right it was to the first check. This is where the decision for the Clappers or the Hills is made, and Screamer definitely backed the Clappers option. Unfortunately (for her) The Clappers was not on our itinerary for the day, so back to the check. It was now just a question of finding the right trail to the bottom of the Hills, which seemed to require Hashers to cross and re-cross Barton High Street. Past the Recreation Ground we went and out of town.

The footpath off the lane led us into Barton Woods, from which we would not emerge until most the altitude gain had been achieved. Smiffo found himself the wrong side of a stream and had to be talked to a suitable crossing point. A memorable scene was Wiggley deciding that the quickest route up was by taking on a near 45-degree slope as though his life depended on it - it seemed a shame to (eventually) call him back. We emerged from the woods (well most of us did, but clearly Shaggy hadn't had enough and checked out some more paths), a good proportion of the required distance up, and Smiffo decided it was time to go down again – wrong – a bit more up needed yet; still he got some good exercise.

A four way check yielded three falsies before the right one along the top of the escarpment was picked up. From there it was a steep downhill run to the bottom of the Hills by the church. A short run round the housing estate – congratulations to Smiffo for remembering some of this from 5 years ago – led us back, to emerge right opposite the pub.

GM Donut called the Circle at which Pongo deemed the run hilly (you just can't slip anything past that particular Hasher). Down-downs for the Hare, the newie John (a fellow Dunstablian), Hash Master and Hash Mistress awards, followed by Puppy awards (where have all these awards come from all of a sudden?) to Muddy Waters and Scrappy, and it was over to nearly-new RA Knobber and his assistant RA, Big Blouse, to address sins committed, which it was acknowledged were few and far between. However Lady P, Wiggley (for the aforementioned 45-degree climbing incident) and Smiffo (with straight arm attachments), amongst others, were mentioned in despatches.

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