Run # 782 (Joint with MKH3)

Monday 28th August 2006

Katherine's Cross, Ampthill Park

Hares: MKH3

HASHERS: 5  APRES: 2  NEWEES: 4  MUTTS: 0 + MKH3 of course




Oh dear. Far too many hashers hit the holiday trail or put their feet up on this bracing bank holiday Monday and the turnout for a run hared and dominated by our friends from Milton Keynes was, well, disappointing. It was left to our ever dependable GM to play the gallant host to 4 lovely harriets and welcome 4 enthusiastic newees as well as struggle to maintain what little pride H5 took to Ampthill.

Nevertheless a fine run in bright and breezy conditions was much enjoyed by all (I'm making this bit up as I didn't go and no one asked what Pongo would have thought; but who's going to argue?) and followed by a robust MKH3 style circle with cheap beer sprayed over everyone by everyone, including 3 lads whose total age was less than half that of your humble scribe. Again Capt Fantaaaaastic was in the thick of it.

ON-ON to the Kings Arms at Sandy and let's hope we get a few more turning out.