Run # 780

Sunday 13th August 2006

The Plough, Ley Green

Hare: FKA Duck







With winter yet to begin and autumn not here yet you would be forgiven for thinking as I did that mid-August in the middle of the longest heatwave and drought conditions that this would be an ideal time to lay my first run for months. WRONG. When out laying the run there was a gale blowing across the fields dark clouds above, a hint of rain in the air, far from civilisation with only the odd plane for company it seemed that summer had long since passed I thought that things could not get any worse.

WRONG AGAIN. When I woke on Sunday it was to the sound of lashing rain and high winds. I looked hopefully to the North, it was even darker over that way. I thought what have I done. I had chosen the only village in Bedfordshire with only one sign and that was in a hedge, it was not on most maps. To find it on a good day would have to be an accident and on top of all that I had chosen the local monsoon season. I left home hoping that things would be ok but feeling certain that I would be on my own and the day would be a disaster.WRONG AGAIN. As I approached the Plough the rain stopped, the clouds got lighter and even the sun shone and who better to see waiting in the car park but good old Ringer. After a while Capt F arrived (I knew I could count on him) followed closely by Gorjoyce. Optimism took over now we had a Hash. A trail, a hare, a front, middle and rear so we were on. Private Parts arrival doubled our numbers bringing along The Count and Lady P and to add to our slowly growing band White Rabbit arrived. Just after In the middle distance we could hear the distinct sound of a builders van it pulled into the car park driven by the long absent Rajah (still smiling) closely followed by MLP which made up, under the circumstances, a pretty good crew.

Capt F called the circle and after much debate as to the number of the run it was agreed that probably it was 779 [WRONG again? .. Ed] and the run was handed over to the Hare. After even more debate regarding the hare's odd socks, directions given, the on was called just in time for Knobber to drive in. On arrival at our first held check we were joined by an even longer absentee Good Crack. The two colonials hugged each other in some strange ritual. It was like they has met in a previous life. The RA had worked well to ensure good weather and it lasted long enough for us to return to the Plough relatively dry.

On the Saturday when laying the run I asked the landlady for roast taters estimating a turn out of 20 to 25 so when three bowls arrived at our table I thought lots would be left. Wrong again all scoffed down and more required just leaving greasy finger marks over everything. Private Parts had arranged a window in the weather for the circle. Down Downs were awarded to the hare and to The Count for being rude about the hare's trousers, Good Crack and Rajah for absenteeism and Ringer for his anniversary and everybody else for not being wet. Pongo arrived very late and was given a down down [with Mincer.. Ed] so Good Crack could try out a new Colonial song on him (words will be posted on the web site ... Capt F).

My thanks to those making the effort and not leaving me to run on my own.

On On

FKA Duck

HASHIT: Capt Fantaaaastic